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Reports and White papers represent a great way to read in depth about some of the issues facing call centres.

What does it mean to be “resilient” in 2020-21? If you want your organization to lead in the New Normal — or the Next Normal or whatever the recovery period is called — what are some steps you can take? Download this Ebook for a collection of insights, tools and templates that can help you

A typical contact center operation has a lot of labor-intensive, error-prone processes. What if agents could eliminate the time they spend on these processes and focus on creating a better customer service experience?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing our world. From life-saving medical services to interpersonal connectivity, the many benefits of applied AI are just beginning to be realised.

This 2021 Experts Guide will ensure you further embrace the accomplishments of 2020 and also solve the associated challenges, with the goal of creating a more agile Customer Service approach for the new realities of 2021 and beyond!

As automated speech recognition (ASR) technology became more affordable, powerful and reliable in recent years, it has transformed how customers and organizations can interact, drastically improving contact center operations and customer service.

Discover what today’s customers really expect from your business and why providing a more human experience is so essential to customer loyalty. You’ll learn how the right cloud contact center technology can help you deliver more human experiences across every aspect of the customer service journey.

Over the past year, customer satisfaction trends have evolved dramatically—and Calabrio has positioned itself better than any WFO solution to meet these new challenges. Commissioned by industry analyst firm DMG. Download this report to review the latest updates for WFO organizations

COVID-19 has thrown business strategies into chaos, and customer experience strategies are no different. Indeed, research indicates that nearly all organisations have made major changes to their customer experience strategy as a result of the pandemic.

In the age of remote work, most of the focus has been on how agents – especially those who have never worked remotely before – are adapting. But agents aren’t the only people who have had to navigate this new reality. Supervisors have had to completely transform how they work. In the call centre, it’s critical they have the tools to navigate a new remote world while empowering teams, driving value and improving business performance.

Is your contact centre ready to win with the customers of 2021?

Speech technologies have been marketed to contact centers for nearly two decades. Early speech-to-text (STT) products were slow, inaccurate, and expensive.

The “UK Customer Experience Decision-Makers’ Guide (2020-21 – 3rd edition)” is a major annual report studying the CX strategy, performance, operations and technology aspects of UK organisations.

VCC Live have launched VCC Live Academy, a library of free, online video courses designed to help you improve your contact center operations and advance in your career.

Welcome to Sabio’s latest CX Realities report. In early December 2020, we invited senior customer leaders from both UK and Spain to share perspectives and stories.

This report considers the role of IVR and Speech Recognition as part of a full telephony self-service solution i.e. one that takes the place of an agent to handle the whole interaction.

Being a home worker will give you (as a Manager) a different and better perspective on the unique issues and pressures facing colleagues.

The year 2020 will forever be known as the year of tremendous personal and business disruption. The COVID-19 pandemic has taught customer-focused leaders that anything can happen and we have to do everything we can to mitigate the next disaster.

This whitepaper looks at trends and advice to ensure your contact centre stays ahead during an era of accelerated change.

In todays world, customer experience is vital to the success of businesses of all sizes, they need to adapt quickly.

How much do you really know about AI-powered analytics? Have you really tapped into your Contact Center Interactions, and the wealth of information they hold?

This ebook offers five proven strategies that leading contact centers use today to boost agent engagement, improve retention and enhance skill development to engineer better customer experiences from the inside out.

The way businesses operate will change long after the COVID-19 pandemic is over. In one form or another, social distancing is here to stay. And that simple fact alone will have a significant impact on the way business interactions will be managed from here on in.

We recognize that budgets are tight right now.

Making customers happy in today’s environment is not just a good idea - it’s a necessity. A good customer experience means customers are likely to spend more, be loyal and make recommendations to their friends and family.

VCC Live hopes to give insight into how logistics and transport companies can tackle a globalized and constantly evolving digital landscape with changing customer expectations.

The UK Customer Experience Decision-Makers Guide is a major annual report studying the CX strategy, performance, operations and technology aspects of UK organisations

Caught in a wider organisational response to the pandemic, contact centre leadership is busily responding to the demands of customer, employee, and organisation. Their combined impact is starting to redesign the way contact centres work. Imagination has been liberated as new responses are urgently demanded.

The aim of the survey was to capture a snapshot view of what contact centres are doing right now – and how things have changed!

How have customer service organisations had to evolve during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Organisations interact with vulnerable customers every day. What most don’t realise, is how they respond has far-reaching implications on customer experience (CX), retention and reputation in the market.

Talkdesk has been named a Leader in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Contact Center as a Service.

The customer experience (CX) is the last sustainable competitive advantage for today’s businesses — and artificial intelligence (AI) has become mission critical to its success. But how do organisations leverage AI in a way that doesn’t take human connection out of the equation?

HCL needed a solution that would help drive the business forward and the real-time management information within OPX became an essential contribution towards strategic decision making.

The Inner Circle Guides are a series of analyst reports investigating key customer contact solutions. The Guides aim to give a detailed and definitive view of the reality of the implementing and using these technologies, an appraisal of the vendors and products available and a view on what the future holds.

Recruiting the right people is about more than just attracting people with the right skills. A candidate’s office space and security set-up is very important too, as is their motivation to work- from home.

The demand on telecommunications during the COVID-19 pandemic, for both business continuity and personal reasons, has never been higher.

In today’s ultra-competitive business environment, delivering exceptional customer experiences is an absolute must. Your customers are driving the success of your business, and if you fall behind on their service demands, you can quickly fall behind the competition, too.

Do you need help in generating more efficient schedules and automating the challenge of optimizing your net staffing?

As organizations have lost the ability to deliver in-person service, and customers have endured increasingly stressful and complex personal and work scenarios, customer service representatives (CSRs) are even more critical to helping organizations keep those all-important lines of customer communication open.

This white paper is designed to help you evaluate how the Five9 Intelligent Cloud Contact Center can help maintain and fit into your current or developing business continuity plan.

The coronavirus pandemic has had a profound impact on the customer experience (CX). As economies revive and a new business paradigm is established, delivering an outstanding CX cost effectively will again be a core and necessary building block for organizations that want to succeed and differentiate themselves.

ProScheduler WFM is a robust, enterprise-class workforce management system, scalable for your business needs. ProScheduler offers a truly user focused interface and has been proven to improve customer experience, save administrative time and reduce overstaffing and understaffing.

Most thought leaders on the topic of future of work agree that we won’t necessarily be working less in the future, but we will be working differently, and more efficiently, as a result of technology advancements and shifting demographics.

What type of customer experience does your company deliver from outbound to inbound? Is it consistently positive? Are you in control of the conversation? When you start looking at selling as a two-way conversation and not separate outbound sales calls and inbound support interactions, elevating every engagement becomes a real possibility.

Contact centres have already been tested in terms of a frenzied pivot to homeworking and coping with significant fluctuations in customer demand. Digital first agendas have moved into the fast lane. Self-service and proactive customer engagement are being scaled to protect the limited availability of live assistance.

Having the right KPIs and objectives in place, as well as the tools to track and take immediate action, is paramount for contact centers to guarantee customer experience (CX) excellence and operational efficiency.

Microservices have become a de facto standard for new cloud applications. But is microservices just a meaningless buzzword, or does it really matter for contact center solutions? The answer is a resounding, “Yes, microservices do matter.”

Do you use spreadsheets for resource planning in your call center? Are you looking to create and optimize your call center workload forecast in Excel? Then this guide is for you!

In the past, organisations saw customer service as its own separate entity. If contact centre agents treated customers well, they reasoned customer satisfaction would go up. But if you looked at the highest-performing businesses in the world today, you’ll notice that customer satisfaction goes beyond frontline contact centre agents.

The mandate is for contact centers to eliminate the silos between channels and departments to optimally support today’s customers, especially the youngest generations of consumers that rely—nearly exclusively—on digital channels such as social media and messaging apps.

Desktop virtualization is showing great promise in terms of the possibilities for organizational transformation and a reduction in operational costs.

There are lots of emergency situations that can interrupt business continuity, but there’s one big change we all seem to be dealing with at once: How do you handle a workforce that’s suddenly remote?

For the contact center, the move to the cloud has been slower and for a good reason. Voice is real-time, and twenty years ago the technology was not yet available to reliably and securely support high-quality voice from the cloud.

In times of widespread disruption—whether natural or man-made—contact centres can become a true lifeline for customers, as they seek urgent answers to questions old and new.

Delivering exceptional customer service goes beyond the physical walls of the contact centre.

Aberdeen’s research has shown that savvy businesses are proactively preparing for future contact center activities by utilizing AI capabilities.

Contact Centre adoption and support for first generation digital channels such as Email and Web Chat, including video chat and co-browsing is growing rapidly.

90-seconds can feel like an eternity when you’re sitting on the phone waiting for help, or answering automated voice prompts, or even waiting for a response from an agent on live chat agent.

Every decade it seems that a new computing interaction paradigm emerges. In the 1990s it was the Web, Mobiles set the agenda in the 2000s, and Touch dominated throughout the 2010s along with the introduction of first-generation Assistants such as Alexa and Siri. However, with 2020, we’re now experiencing a race to create a single interface for the user – and the Virtual Assistant era is upon us.

The way brands engage and interact with consumers has drastically changed as COVID-19 continues to disrupt customer service as we know it. Overnight, communication has been severely reduced or eliminated, customer service teams have been forced to go remote, and consumer needs have fundamentally shifted.

How to Best Utilize Resources in Times of Business Upheaval

Disasters and their effects on contact centres can come without warning and impact your companys image and bottom line. If you haven implemented a disaster recovery or business continuity plan, your contact centre platform might not have the scalability and flexibility needed to respond to the situation.

It’s possible to build and keep customer loyalty, even in the face of constantly shifting customer expectations, the rise of the “mobile-first” consumer and increasingly restrictive compliance requirements.

Quality Assurance Managers play perhaps the most critical role within a contact center. Most not only design the company’s quality assurance program but they also implement, monitor, and report on it.

The growth of digital technologies has triggered a change in human behaviour and communication habits—within both interpersonal relationships and in the way we interact with businesses. It’s time to close the chapter on Contact Centre 1.0. Companies must make customer engagement experiential, intuitive, and collaborative for a modern customer in modern times.

Moving to an all-in-one cloud contact centre has never been easier!

Call centers used to be separate and distinct areas of the business – separated physically, technologically, and culturally. Fast forward to today and the call center has evolved into multiple teams closely integrated with the wider business, and with each other.

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This is a manual to help you prepare your contact centre with a business continuity plan to make remote work a functional reality.

The story of COVID-19 and how customer service responded

Recent events have rapidly accelerated shifts in workplace flexibility, customer experience and agent engagement. Those changes aren’t temporary. For contact centre managers, this is both an opportunity and a challenge.

Overcoming the planners dilemma with 7 essential ways to hit call center service level consistently

The Inner Circle Guides are a series of analyst reports investigating key customer contact solutions.

This document offers guidelines to help you prepare a contact centre budget. It examines basic steps in the process and explains the critical role workforce management plays in budget preparation.

Social customer service is complicated. What may begin as a single tweet can escalate into a battle of the voices, with all hands on deck. One person’s tweet might be another‘s useful source of information, opportunity to join the conversation… or troll it. It is social media, after all.

Improve the Agent Experience to Optimize Outcomes

Digital customer experience technologies have transformed drastically in recent years. No longer are cloud-based, omnichannel call centers a cost burden to organizations. Now they’re expected to generate revenue through cross-selling, ROI and cost avoidance.

Workforce management (WFM) professionals are typically results-oriented individuals. They are always asking themselves “how do I measure my success and that of my team?” The answer is never simple. WFM doesn‘t work in total isolation - it is an integral part of the contact center machine.

We commissioned a survey to find out why Britain’s consumers leave suppliers. After all, the perceived wisdom is that switching is good for consumers. We expected to see increasing levels of automated interaction, with a decline in the use of the phone to contact suppliers. But what we found was very different.

This white paper will explore the building blocks and best practices for a new era of Workforce Engagement—the “behind the scenes” technology foundation for customer experience (CX) excellence.