White Papers

White papers represent a great way to read in depth about some of the issues facing call centres.

This white paper shares industry experts’ and analysts’ latest thinking around how contact centres need to adapt to maintain a competitive edge in today’s multichannel environment and how best to leverage technology to get the most from your contact centre […]

This white paper is an interview with Richard Snow, VP and Director of Customer and Contact Center Research at Ventana Research.

As consumers, we demand a frictionless experience, giving loyalty to companies that consider this important. As such, many contact centres are putting the Customer Experience (CX) at the heart of their processes, creating innovative ways to improve their service offerings.

Every-day issues will hit your call centre. Whatever the cause, these events must be addressed. Intraday Automation keeps call centres on top of events that threaten performance. It isn’t just about coping, it’s about proactive management of resources.

This white paper is your handbook for venturing into the RPA world. It’s packed with background on what RPA can do for you and your organisation, how it works, and the different kinds of robotic solutions for your automation needs.

It’s harder than ever to keep up with customers and their constantly changing expectations. So how can businesses scale to meet these demands? This report reveals the top 10 customer service trends for application development and delivery, supporting customer service.

This report examines the reasons why organisations struggle to meet customer expectations, looks at how modern communications platforms are vital to winning in the customer experience, tells organisations’ CX stories and gives recommendations for evaluating communications platform providers.

UK housing associations are under incredible pressure. To survive, they must run operations as efficiently as possible and maintain a positive reputation. Workforce management technology can now have an impact on the contact centre. This report will explain how.

Customer care is constantly evolving and is a challenge for many companies. To remain competitive, businesses know they must excel at this. But with the pace that consumer channel preferences are changing, developing an effective care strategy is becoming more […]

In this white paper, Martin Hill-Wilson shares industry insight in reaching your next customer service milestone. Martin examines customer behaviour, journeys and engagement strategies in choosing the right channels and deciding whether to offer them as live assistance or self-service.

The quality of a customer care strategy can make or break a company. Resolving a customer service issue or complaint is no longer enough. This white paper summarises the steps you need to consider when building a customer care roadmap.

This white paper looks at calibration and how it can help contact centres achieve the objective level of evaluation required to accurately and fairly evaluate an agent’s call.

Far too often, employee engagement is confused with employee happiness and employee satisfaction. It is neither. This white paper recommends 12 ways to improve employee engagement and retention, lower training costs and operational disruption and improve employee productivity.

Do you know what happens when a customer contacts your business? Surprisingly, most companies don’t. That’s because ensuring a great customer experience is extremely difficult. This paper shares ways to optimise customer engagement, create exceptional experience and extend customer engagement.

Improve your quality monitoring process in six easy steps with this free eBook. This report shares all the information you need to create a quality monitoring process that drives continual improvement in customer experience and your call centre.

To improve your contact centre it’s essential to drill down to the heart of operation, and identify the core issues that are limiting performance. This white paper looks at five strategies to unlock the insight they need to improve performance.

This white paper looks at ways organisations can reduce the number of preventable calls and other live agent contacts they receive and drive up the number of contacts that provide true ‘customer value’.

We all love to complain about the weather, but cold snaps cost the UK economy more in lost productivity than any other weather phenomenon. This report examines the relationship between weather events and economic growth across the UK’s main industries.

Although many contact centres still operate as a single, centralised site, there are cases where businesses need to look at alternative ways of working. This report focuses on virtual contact centres and homeworking and investigates those contact centres using these […]

The contact centre industry is at a critical juncture with Intraday Automation tools being a “game changer for contact centres.” This white paper looks at the benefits of Intraday Automation and solutions like QStory’s ARTI.