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Reports and White papers represent a great way to read in depth about some of the issues facing call centres.

People have become accustomed to speaking to their phones and devices to ask questions and get assistance from virtual agents. These AI innovations have made it easier to get support through automated systems due to their ability to better understand more complex interactions.

A recent Forrester Consulting study, commissioned by CallMiner, revealed that voice calling has become the new empathy channel, in which agents are dealing with more complex customer requests and emotionally charged customers than ever before.

This research was undertaken to understand the use of speech and chat interaction analytics in UK contact centres. 250 contact centre managers were surveyed, with half representing companies with 500- 4999 employees and half representing companies with 5000 or more employees.

Enterprises are devouring more information than ever. Why then, are so many still struggling to devise a knowledge management (KM) strategy that regulates how they create, share, consume, and update knowledge?

The “UK Contact Centre Decision-Makers’ Guide (2020-21 – 18th edition)” is a major annual report studying the CX strategy, performance, operations and technology aspects of UK organisations.

Customer journey mapping refers to the strategies companies use to understand the paths their customers take each day. With the right map, you can visualise what it takes to turn an interested lead into a loyal customer and even improve customer experience on a fundamental level.

As contact centers around the globe firmly establish best practices in the new normal, contact center success and efficiency has never mattered more — and hybrid work environments are more common than ever.

Royal London were struggling with challenges around visibility of operations and the need to centralise their resource planning activities across multiple sites, teams, and functions. They recognised the need for a Workforce Management solution to resolve many of the pain points they were faced with.

Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to work-from-home...working mums, carers for elderly relatives, people who live with a disability, others who live in remote rural areas, and people who simply prefer the convenience and benefits of homeworking.

The stakes in customer service have never been higher. The rate of innovation and growing customer expectations have pushed customer experience (CX) to the forefront of market competition. Getting emotional could be the next big differentiator.

Truly evaluating the success of your business requires the objectivity of numbers, which will ultimately tell the full story. When you know where you stand today, you’re well-equipped to build a strategy for growth and take your contact center to new heights.

Accelerated technological changes have been a driving force for innovations in the contact center industry, and now other disruptors are pushing the boundaries of contact center operations. Most recently, COVID-19 has been the catalyst for shifting the way organizations train and onboard their front-line agents and help new hires reach proficiency.

Talkdesk has been named a Leader in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Contact Center as a Service. As one of only three Leaders in the report, Talkdesk was named a Leader based on evaluation across 15 criteria.

Consumers across generational age groups and particularly those within the Generation Z and Millenials bracket have an expectation that communication with a brand should be possible via any preferred channel such as phone, email, chat, advanced messaging apps or social media.

CX plays a fundamental part in the success and failure of every business. Successful companies offer good experiences at every touch point.

“The Inner Circle Guide to AI, Chatbots & Machine Learning (2nd edition)” is one of the Inner Circle series of ContactBabel reports.

With the right data, you can make informed decisions about the strategies that will grow your brand. Data guides companies towards improved customer service and paves the way for digital transformation. But this information works best when it’s accessible.

From providing real-time visibility into agent performance (on-site or remote) to reducing attrition, a Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) solution can be game-changing. WEM can be your solution to providing outstanding customer experience, improving contact center agent engagement, and reducing operating expenses.

Ready to transform your contact center with game-changing AI? Use the tips and best practices in this eBook to increase CSAT, achiever faster resolution, and improve employee engagement at your contact center—all thanks to AI.

Customer experience (CX) has become a number one business priority in most industries. In fact, more than two-thirds of companies now compete primarily on the basis of CX. As a result, businesses have turned to artificial intelligence (AI), and AI-powered analytics, to drive their CX strategies.

We’re in an era of effortless customer experience (CX), driven by brands like Netflix and Amazon, who have pushed CX to new heights. Consumers worldwide have grown accustomed to personalized and frictionless journeys, yet many are unaware that it is Artificial Intelligence (AI) raising the bar for this gold-standard customer experience.

Agility and employee engagement are two of the most important operating principles for contact centers. While this was known (but not always appreciated) before the pandemic, these two characteristics were key to keeping contact centers operating successfully during trying times.

At Sabio, we think businesses like yours should be able to easily deploy automation and AI solutions that work for you.

According to a recent study in CIO magazine, a whopping 73% of organisations have experienced a jump of 25% or more in cyber threats and alerts since the start of the pandemic.

With AI taking stronger hold in the contact center, how will it shape the future of customer experience? The role of agents? How will it change the way the contact center delivers value as it evolves in an increasingly digital and virtual world? What barriers are contact centers facing in adopting AI?

As the number of channels businesses use to communicate with their customers grows, it’s easy to see why AI technologies like bots, virtual assistants, and communication platforms powered by machine learning are on the rise. And as the technology improves, it stands to benefit every level of a business’s operations, including customer interactions.

It won’t be business as usual when the pandemic ends. The question is: will your contact center be ready? To stay ahead of the game, learn the four key trends that are accelerating big changes in the contact center space.

This eBook will highlight how leveraging AI improves contact centres employee and customer experiences.

Your customers, your teams and tech for your contact centre – what you need to know in 2021.

After the rollercoaster of 2020, businesses everywhere now recognise the need for integrated cloud communications that employees can access securely, from anywhere. Few want to continue relying on—and paying for—the cobbled-together interim solutions that first enabled remote work.

Connection and audio quality can both be very variable, both across and within countries. And it may be surprising to learn that the best and worst countries are not necessarily the same across connectivity and audio quality.

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The Calabrio State of the Contact Centre 2021 report dives deep into this inflection point in the cloud transformation of the contact centre, providing surprising and actionable insights on:

Forrester Consulting recently fielded a survey, commissioned by CallMiner, to learn more about the evolving role of the customer service representative (CSR), particularly considering the increased offering of self-service customer service channels by brands.

Looking at the Chief Data and Analytics Officers, UK conference.

Social customer service is complicated. What may begin as a single tweet can escalate into a battle of the voices, with all hands on deck. One person’s tweet might be another‘s useful source of information, opportunity to join the conversation… or troll it. It is social media, after all.

A solid quality assurance program is crucial to help your business deliver the best CX your team is capable of as you expand. Scaling can create confusion and growing pains, but your customer service MUST remain efficient to retain buyers and a positive reputation.

Network monitoring is a valuable tool but is it still keeping you in the dark about what your customers experience when they dial your numbers?

Being ready for anything is now mission-critical. Business leaders today face the seemingly impossible task of planning for a future they can only possibly anticipate.

Quality management is an essential application and process in contact centers. Its fundamental purpose is to ensure that agents adhere to internal policies and procedures but it does so much more for companies that use analytics-enabled quality management (AQM) technology to drive their quality program.

More and more consumers engage with businesses through bots every day. Facebook reported 300,000 active bots engaging with customers on the platform’s Messenger service, with 8 billion messages exchanged monthly. It puts bots at the forefront of customer experience, especially as we move into increasingly automated contact centers.

The essentials for you to build an efficient omnichannel QA program that is cost-effective, and also brings out the best in your agents and cultivates connections to your customers in a more timely, convenient, useful, and meaningful way.

The use of digital channels for customer service is becoming more widespread and offers many advantages.

Omnichannel is perhaps the single biggest trend in the contact centre industry.

This whitepaper shares essential advice for designing a new bot or troubleshooting your existing one.

One of the biggest challenges organizations face is adapting to a changing definition of what EX means and how it can be used to improve both CX and business performance. Businesses focused on EX often see faster and strong revenue growth.

Organisations interact with vulnerable customers every day. What most don’t realise, is how they respond has far-reaching implications on customer experience (CX), retention and reputation in the market.

MyCustomer and Genesys commissioned Smart Survey to conduct a consumer study, examining how successfully today’s organisations are catering to their customers’ emotional requirements, and how it impacts business reputation and customer relationships.

Quality Assurance Managers play perhaps the most critical role within a contact center. Most not only design the company’s quality assurance program but they also implement, monitor, and report on it. The company’s customer service quality falls squarely on their shoulders, and with current industry statistics painting a sub-par picture of quality across the board, they have their work cut out for them.

Customers communication preferences are changing like never before, making digital customer service more and more important. Yet, when looking to improve your digital channels, you will likely come across a number of key challenges.

This methodology by Sabio analyses and extracts actionable information from all customer interactions to facilitate decision making and transformation of customer-centric results through Speech Analytics.

This paper is designed to help evaluate your current contact center as you consider a move to the cloud. Cloud services also support business continuity and disaster recovery in ways premises solutions can’t.

Overwhelming digitization means businesses need to up their emotional quotient and go back to basics of customer communications – the human connection.

As consumers become accustomed to getting help from their personal virtual assistants, they now increasingly prefer to have self-service options when contacting a business for service.

Superior customer service leads to greater growth in revenue. However, what is superior service in today’s marketplace?

This white paper looks at the key ingredients for delivering a five-star CX in the contact centre and understanding and leveraging emotion across customer interactions. Emotion is a key driver for developing strong and lasting customer relationships.

In the early 2000s, as the theft of credit card information began to rise, companies realized that a change was required to protect their and their customers’ data.

Moving your contact center to the cloud is easier and more critical than ever.

Reflections from the Customer Experience Management in Telecoms Global Summit 2020

Many contact centers struggle with creating and maintaining their processes, and getting their agents to actually use them. This drives inconsistency among agents, frustration among team leads and supervisors, and makes it nearly impossible to see where your processes can be improved.

This whitepaper outlines a clear path through omnichannel challenges, shares how much has changed in customer interaction, as well as offers omnichannel best practices and solutions to deliver consistent, personalised customer engagement throughout each journey–and across all channels.

For many organizations, the call center is the heart of customer service (CS), the lifeline of communication, and the driving factor in customer experience (CX). Its where customers call in for help and agents call out for sales. As new technologies continue to advance in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, many traditional call centers are evolving into a customer-centric contact center.

What does it mean to be “resilient” in 2020-21? If you want your organization to lead in the New Normal — or the Next Normal or whatever the recovery period is called — what are some steps you can take?

A typical contact center operation has a lot of labor-intensive, error-prone processes. What if agents could eliminate the time they spend on these processes and focus on creating a better customer service experience?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing our world. From life-saving medical services to interpersonal connectivity, the many benefits of applied AI are just beginning to be realised.

This 2021 Experts Guide will ensure you further embrace the accomplishments of 2020 and also solve the associated challenges, with the goal of creating a more agile Customer Service approach for the new realities of 2021 and beyond!

As automated speech recognition (ASR) technology became more affordable, powerful and reliable in recent years, it has transformed how customers and organizations can interact, drastically improving contact center operations and customer service.

Discover what today’s customers really expect from your business and why providing a more human experience is so essential to customer loyalty. You’ll learn how the right cloud contact center technology can help you deliver more human experiences across every aspect of the customer service journey.

Over the past year, customer satisfaction trends have evolved dramatically—and Calabrio has positioned itself better than any WFO solution to meet these new challenges.

COVID-19 has thrown business strategies into chaos, and customer experience strategies are no different. Indeed, research indicates that nearly all organisations have made major changes to their customer experience strategy as a result of the pandemic.

In the age of remote work, most of the focus has been on how agents – especially those who have never worked remotely before – are adapting. But agents aren’t the only people who have had to navigate this new reality. Supervisors have had to completely transform how they work. In the call centre, it’s critical they have the tools to navigate a new remote world while empowering teams, driving value and improving business performance.

Is your contact centre ready to win with the customers of 2021?

Speech technologies have been marketed to contact centers for nearly two decades. Early speech-to-text (STT) products were slow, inaccurate, and expensive.

The “UK Customer Experience Decision-Makers’ Guide (2020-21 – 3rd edition)” is a major annual report studying the CX strategy, performance, operations and technology aspects of UK organisations.

Welcome to Sabio’s latest CX Realities report. In early December 2020, we invited senior customer leaders from both UK and Spain to share perspectives and stories.

Being a home worker will give you (as a Manager) a different and better perspective on the unique issues and pressures facing colleagues.

This whitepaper looks at trends and advice to ensure your contact centre stays ahead during an era of accelerated change.

In todays world, customer experience is vital to the success of businesses of all sizes, they need to adapt quickly.

How much do you really know about AI-powered analytics? Have you really tapped into your Contact Center Interactions, and the wealth of information they hold?

This ebook offers five proven strategies that leading contact centers use today to boost agent engagement, improve retention and enhance skill development to engineer better customer experiences from the inside out.