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Reports and White papers represent a great way to read in depth about some of the issues facing call centres.

in today’s hyper-connected world, customer experience is everything. Retailers who get it right gain more than a customer’s business—they gain valuable word of mouth marketing through reviews and recommendations.

This eGuide explores the growing intersection of AI and customer service and the best approaches for adding customer experience automation to a call center or contact center.

Many organisations choose AI-based technology, such as conversation intelligence, to help scale the capabilities of their contact centre. The reasons for selecting this technology often start on the practical side, such as the desire to reduce average handle time (AHT), improve agent performance, or other traditional key performance indicators (KPIs). But, over time, contact centre teams often discover that customer insights can inform strategic decisions around more than just operational efficiency, such as customer experience (CX) and other cross-departmental initiatives.

By now, most contact center leaders are convinced they need to be using AI. But how? It’s not just about the technology after all, but your contact center’s culture, processes and people.

What makes us happy? Extraordinary experiences. It’s true for customer interactions, too.

Explore the intricate dynamics of UK financial services contact centres, revealing trends in structure, growth, technology, staffing, and commercial complexities within the industry.

Is your contact centre measuring up against your competitors?

Customer experience (CX) is more important than ever. Consumers are looking for more from the organisations they engage with – whether that’s price or quality of services – and brands must increase their focus on meeting those demands if they’re going to retain existing customers and attract new ones.

In State of Contact Centres part 2, we’ll explore the impact and potential of AI, through the perspective of your peers – contact centre leaders – offering a glimpse into the future of contact centres as they navigate the challenges and opportunities of the modern CX landscape.

We’ve all heard of on-premises to cloud contact center migrations over the past few decades, but cloud-to-cloud migration is becoming just as common.

ICMI recently surveyed the contact center community in the executive report, “The State of AI in the Contact Center,” to provide a snapshot in time as AI-powered contact center tools emerge from their early, experimental status and take an increasingly central role across all areas of contact center operations.

We’re at the beginning of a massive shift in how brands will deliver customer service. The large language models behind generative AI systems are going to be like rocket fuel for the contact center. Find out how this exciting new technology will change everything from conversational AI to the role of the contact center agent.

Burnout is no longer solely an executive syndrome. It affects everyone and statistics show it’s getting worse. It’s bad for employees, customers, planners and the business bottom line. Many people assume that it’s a fact of life that can’t be ‘fixed’.

How many hoops do your agents have to jump through to deliver great service? If the answer is ‘too many’, then you could be fostering a culture of frustration and operational inefficiency that’s not only harming your CX, but also pushing your agents towards the door. But did you know that agent empowerment can make the world of difference? And thanks to flexible scheduling, agent self-service, smart adaptive technology, and more, there’s never been a better time to give agents more control.

Discover how your contact centre team stacks up against the industry with the latest benchmarking insights.

In this report, we will delve into the details of these trends, through the perspective of your peers – contact centre leaders – offering a glimpse into the future of contact centres as they navigate the challenges and opportunities of the current CX landscape. 

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Get a snapshot of contact center performance in the age of generative AI. Representing data of nearly 3,000 clients across six continents, this brand new Talkdesk KPI benchmarking report analyzes the impact of generative AI, self-service and automation technology, and empowering agent assistance tools across five operational metrics applicable to every industry.

This Aberdeen research report surveyed firms across all industries and sizes to measure just how much AI and automation have supercharged their digital transformation. Survey results show big payoffs for those that have invested in AI, and they have plans to invest more into it.

Whether your employees are in the office, at home, or on the go, professional headsets provide clear communication that helps them stay connected, collaborate, and perform at their best from anywhere.   Read this eBook for tips on choosing the right headsets for your organization

Adopting a helpdesk platform - like Zendesk - is undoubtedly one of the biggest productivity boosters a customer experience team can make.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the 10 essential steps to ensure a seamless transition to your new contact center vendor, empowering you to elevate your operations and drive sustainable growth.

Vulnerable customers are easy to spot right? Well, not really. In today’s world, anyone can find themselves in a vulnerable position at any time. This makes vulnerability difficult to detect. New research reveals the five UK consumer groups most at risk of vulnerability today - and the awareness gap keeping them hidden.

In the past 20 years, the WFM industry for contact centers has undergone profound transformations. Amid these industry-wide advancements, injixo has distinguished itself as a key innovator, from pioneering cloud-based solutions to revolutionizing predictive accuracy with AI-based forecasting.

The tangible outcome of customer experience (CX) investments and programs is long-term ROI derived from improved satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy. But those responsible for CX programs face pressure to measure CX in short-term financial outcomes to justify program investment.

Some technology is about more than uncovering a few new efficiencies or optimizing some antiquated user interfaces. Some technology is about transforming everything you know and feel about customer contact. Over the past few years, leaders have been eyeing generative AI as an example of the latter. They believe it can revolutionize self-service, transform customer journeys, increase personalization, strengthen our understanding of customers, and unlock unprecedented employee happiness and performance.

For financial services providers, the CX game has changed.

Customers today have ever-higher expectations on quality, response times, personalization, and more. Not only this, but they’re forming these expectations around the best experiences they have with any organisation – not just your direct competitors. This undoubtedly adds more pressure to the role of being a customer service leader.

Do you want to empower your call centre agents to work from anywhere and deliver consistent service? Do you want to reduce the costs and hassles of managing and maintaining your headsets? If you answered yes to any of these questions, download this free guide: 3 keys to choosing headsets for your call centre.

Finding the right gamification platform and getting internal buy-in can be difficult.

Download this guide to learn how you can:

  • add a high quality voice channel to Zendesk so your customers can always reach you
  • Automate Zendesk ticketing and boost agent efficiency 40%
  • Give customers an easier route to what they need with composable IVR and VoiceBot AI for Zendesk
  • Liverpool John Moores University is looking for participants for its survey on contact centre health initiatives. Take part now.

    The need to improve both the customer experience and agent job satisfaction cost-effectively is a driving force for all customer-facing operations - regardless of size. This is only possible with a properly staffed contact center, and Workforce Optimization (WFO) is the way to achieve this.

    Innovation is key to staying ahead of the competition. However, hybrid working has presented new challenges for contact centres in fostering creativity and collaboration among teams.

    Are missed sales opportunities, cross-selling challenges, or repeat calls plaguing your operations? Look no further! Our platforms depth of insight and AI capabilities are tailored to boost seller performance, drive efficiency and increase revenue.

    Level up your GenAI know-how for enhanced CX.

    The past three years have forever changed the way customers interact with brands. And retail was one of the sectors impacted the most.

    This eBook is your down-to-earth guide to the role of AI in the planning process. Its designed to cut through the noise and help you make informed decisions.

    Download this brand-new Contact Center Manager's Guide to finding the right Conversation Intelligence platform for your contact center.

    In the evolving world of contact centres, AI has become more than just a tech trend; it’s changing how businesses connect with customers.

    The bar is set higher than ever for delivering excellent customer service, but where do you start with getting your strategy right when there’s so much to consider?

    With 70-75% of operational contact centre costs still accounted for by staffing-related costs, there’s an ongoing requirement for effective WFM solutions that can optimise planning and CX operational processes.

    Empower your agents and elevate your CX. Dive into this guide and discover how Five9 Agent Assist uses AI and NLP to provide your agents with real-time intelligence and automation, tackling challenges and boosting efficiency.

    Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to transform every area of business, and that power brings new opportunities for growth. It also raises many questions about how and what to deploy to serve your unique goals. While incremental improvements like automation and new digital channels provide quick wins, long-term innovation requires that and more.

    Customers increasingly turn to digital channels for information, purchases, and support. But even after decades of innovation, many organisations find their customers frustrated by inefficient self-service menus and limited options.

    75% of organizations will adopt AI on a mass scale in the next five years—and contact centers are no exception. With the challenges piling up, its no surprise that new solutions are appealing.

    In this eBook, we present 13 contact center training strategies tailored for today’s reality in contact centers. We explore the shift in mindset from traditional approaches to a more agile and forward-thinking methodology.

    Is your business equipped to thrive in an ever-evolving digital landscape?

    With the rapid rise of AI, the question is often asked whether eventually there will even be a need for human agents. The answer may surprise you.

    In an ever-evolving field like speech analytics, staying ahead requires not just innovation, but also an understanding of the markets dynamics and direction. We understand the important role insights play in optimising contact centre operations and enhancing both customer satisfaction and agent performance.

    In this eBook we look at how Customer Relationship Management (CRM), with its customer data foundation, is playing an increasingly important role in informing and orchestrating today’s customer journeys.

    As the industry continued to adapt to the post-pandemic world, 2023 also saw fresh challenges emerge – from driving the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) agenda forward to reacting to the cost-of-living crisis and the arrival of ChatGPT.

    Explore this AI Readiness Guide to gain invaluable insights into the crucial steps needed to become AI-ready and revolutionize your customer experience journey.

    In the ever-evolving landscape of banking customer service, the contact center plays an increasingly important role in deposit retention and customer loyalty.

    It’s hard out there for customer service agents. Learn how you can give them a helping hand with AI in our latest white paper.

    Return to office? Stay fully remote? Shift to hybrid? It’s the duel of the decade, and both leadership and the workforce have their own thoughts and preferences. However, providing a consistent employee experience from wherever employees clock in is critical regardless of the organization’s direction.

    When it comes to embracing AI technology in your contact centre, it’s easy to get caught up in the hype. McKinsey estimates that AI adoption has more than doubled in the past five years. Yet, adoption and successful implementation are two different things.

    With the rapid rise of AI, the question is often asked whether eventually there will even be a need for people to work in contact centres, answering calls.

    Watch this webinar for some fresh thinking on improving your contact centre service levels – from addressing attrition problems and rethinking your agent groupings, through to the ways technology, such as Conversational AI, can support 24/7 customer service and automate repetitive tasks.

    This guide offers an accessible overview of VoiceBot tech that will help any CX leader assess whether AI is a sound investment for their business.

    See how five trendsetting organisations — of diverse sizes and industries — have harnessed the power of modern cloud solutions to overcome traditional CX challenges, setting new benchmarks in both customer and employee engagement.

    At Five9, our focus revolves around bringing Joy to CX. We are committed to bringing our customers the power of people and technology to enable their CX success.

    Get exclusive access to the comprehensive guide that reveals how to transform customer and employee experiences with artificial intelligence.

    Common frontline challenges such as high error rates, knowledge gaps, fluctuating performance, low morale, and high attrition rates have two things in common: they result in a poor customer experience and are all resolvable by driving consistency within the organization.

    Creating a positive workplace for agents is crucial, reducing turnover and boosting productivity.

    Occupancy, utilization, and productivity. Three familiar metrics that are critical to managing and planning every contact center. The problem, is, they all sound very similar and are sometimes confused with one another. In this eBook, we demystify these three terms and equip you to understand them, measure them, and improve them.

    Are you looking for ways to automate the quality assurance process in your contact center using AI but need help convincing other stakeholders?

    Whether you deliver an excellent or a poor CX is a competitive differentiator – brand loyalty is almost always predicated on the products, services and support that customers receive. But knowing where to start and how to make improvements across your business when it comes to enhancing CX isn’t easy.

    This MIT Technology Review Insights report explores how businesses across industries are rethinking the future of CX, the value proposition for employees and the role of the contact centre.

    There’s always room for improvement when it comes to Workforce Management, but over time it can become increasingly difficult to decide where best to focus your efforts for maximum impact. If you’re concerned your strategy has become stale, watch this webinar for fresh inspiration and new ways to optimise your Workforce Management.

    Gamification is more than a buzzword – it is a solid strategy that boosts employee motivation, engagement, and performance.

    Could the secret to business performance improvement lie in what your customers are already telling you? The voice of the customer (VoC) means so much more than just a few-question survey at the end of a contact centre interaction, or upon receipt of your latest order. Every word your customers exchange with your sales, customer support, CX, finance teams and more could be essential to driving transformational change within your business. The businesses profiled in this eBook are analysing 100% of customer conversations in an omnichannel environment using conversation intelligence technology.

    AI solutions are currently transforming the contact center industry, and forward-thinking organizations are using advanced workforce management applications to improve agent experience.

    Cut through the hyped-up marketing messages and get our level-headed assessment of what you can realistically achieve using Contact Center AI.

    Did you know 71% of organisations limit themselves to only gathering feedback that is directly requested, using methods such as surveys? Yet, the unsolicited feedback obtained from day-to-day omnichannel interactions (such as chat, text, email) represents the majority of customer opinions - along with a major untapped opportunity for organisations!

    Motivating and improving the performance of contact centre agents is top-of-mind for every customer service department. As self-service channels increasingly take care of customers’ basic requests, contact centre agents are fielding more complex customer inquiries.

    Artificial Intelligence has arguably been the biggest buzz word of 2023 – thanks to ChatGPT crash-landing into (almost) every element of our lives at the turn of the year.

    When artificial intelligence (AI) is integrated into business strategy, your business can provide outstanding customer experience (CX) seamlessly and effectively. This guide to AI for CX outlines the key AI technologies most helpful for improving CX and explains how these technologies benefit customers, agents, supervisors, management, and other stakeholders.

    Get access to this global white paper from Metrigy to gain insights on the growing impact video has in the Contact Center space and how you can get a competitive edge against the competition. Video continues to be a critical communication channel for teams to collaborate in and outside the office, but what about Contact Center interactions between CSRs and customers?

    Your business succeeds when customers get what they want and need. And to consistently deliver on that brand promise, you need an exceptional workforce.