White Papers

White papers represent a great way to read in depth about some of the issues facing call centres.

Offering a proactive service is the third strand in having an optimised service strategy, taking its place alongside assisted service and self-service. In this white paper Intelecom explain how you can design an effective proactive service strategy.

As a contact centre professional, how do you bring together employees, customers and corporate demands to run the contact centre in an efficient, engaging way? This White Paper shows their latest survey results and how Workforce Management can help.

Many contact centres across the globe are moving away from manual dialling to automated dialler solutions. This White Paper will explore how to effectively make more connections and instantly generate more sales with an automated dialling solution.

The intent to provide self-service has been a long-standing customer service ambition. This White Paper looks at how intelligent assistance can proactively help in a world where reducing customer effort remains a major customer service objective.

A growing number of companies are redefining how work gets done by automating mundane processes. Learn how organisations are using the NICE Robotic Automation solution to optimise resources, cut costs, and increase speed and accuracy.

Tracking Customer Effort is a hot topic for Voice of the Customer (VOC). This e-book provides an essential guide to customer effort, explaining why it matters and discussing approaches to identifying and tackling its root causes, while gaining significant ROI.

If your contact centre is taking card payments, you need to comply with PCI DSS. It’s not an option. It’s mandatory. This whitepaper provides insight into how you can achieve and maintain compliance using IP Integration’s Secure Payment On-Demand solution.

The world is becoming increasingly digital. The proliferation of smart-phones and high-tech availability means your customers are demanding seamless experience regardless of how they contact you. The report looks at how you can engage with customers in this ultra-connected era.

Millennials have a more favourable view of a brand or organisation if their customer service portal is mobile-responsive and this digital transformation impact on contact centres is huge. This White Paper explores how contact centres can shape up in preparation.

Jonty Pearce proposes a 10-point plan for how you can tune up your contact centre. From looking at why customers are calling, to ways to tune up webchat, as well as some suggestions that can transform the operation.

Smartphones have become all-in-one devices to help us throughout our lives and they are probably the most important trend in recent consumer behaviour. This report includes practical tips and guidance on mobile-optimised customer service.

Customers are more internet and mobile-savvy, more informed and socially aware. As a result, they are seeking to use all the new channels at their disposal to communicate.

A brief overview of CCaaS solutions that are driving and inhibiting the market at this time. The report provides an indication on the market leaders, challengers, visionaries and niche players, while delivering an insightful overview on the market.

The evolution of smartphones, social media and email means your customers are likely interacting with your brand on several different devices and channels. This report looks at how your customers’ concerns can be addressed regardless of their preferred channel.

Call centres of yesterday have evolved into multichannel contact centres and a few have transformed into omnichannel engagement centres. Understanding the difference between “multichannel” and “omnichannel” is key to designing and delivering omnichannel customer experiences today’s tech-savvy customers expect.

Customers today are more dynamic than ever, but frontline workforces can’t keep up. This White Paper will enable your WFM team to respond in real time with agility and speed to any changing condition, while automating the manual processes.

Throughout October and November 2016, over 340 contact centre professionals were surveyed about what happens in their contact centre. This White Paper shares the findings of the survey.

Few organisations keep pace with evolving customer behaviours.  As a consequence, planned, ongoing and co-created disruption now needs to become your new ‘business as usual’ model.

Choosing the right technology to design and orchestrate customer engagement across all digital channels and voice is key to delivering on customer expectations for effortless omnichannel experiences.

As chat, email and social media channels grow, measuring quality and performance has never been more important. This article looks at what multichannel means for the contact centre, where the valuable data lies and how to access it.