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Reports and White papers represent a great way to read in depth about some of the issues facing call centres.

Contact centres have a wealth of data about what customers are thinking and feeling and where pain points exist, but it can take weeks or months to uncover and act on trends that adversely affect the business.

Contact center managers realize that hybrid work environments are the new reality for post-pandemic life. Now more than ever, it’s crucial for agents to feel supported, whether they are working from home or the office.

Gamification has been embraced by companies in virtually every industry for its effectiveness at enhancing employee satisfaction, and for making learning and improving performance more fun. By doing so, it also elevates the customer experience and builds loyalty.

From feedback to complaints to questions, contact centres are the hub of customer communications for your organisation. Even though you could probably identify hundreds, or even thousands of reasons why customers might reach out, there are 14 basic contact drivers that fall under four main categories.

More than ever, customer experience (CX) is shaping the competitive landscape and providing a significant advantage for organizations that make it the cornerstone of their business strategies. Most organizations, however, struggle to consistently deliver great experiences.

In a survey from Contact Centre Pipeline, leaders across all sectors cited agent turnover as their No. 1 challenge.

You’ve been flooded with commentary and insights regarding “digital transformation.” Every analyst and publication that covers your market has affirmed the “go digital or die” mantra in some form.

Asurion operates from more than 20 main offices worldwide and provides more than 280 million consumers with simple, intuitive technology advice.

Guided by exclusive research, this study begins by exploring how companies responded to the events of 2020. It subsequently uncovers the biggest contact center technology mistakes and challenges, before providing insight into how companies plan to reprioritize their investments moving forward.

This era of instant, anywhere, anyplace interactions can make or break the customer relationship, and contact centres play an increasingly crucial role – a missed interaction can mean the loss of a customer because competitor information is also instant, anywhere, anyplace.

With digital transformation, the increased use of automation and AI, it's easy to overlook the impact they can have on the CX world’s #1 asset – your people.

With over 27 years of experience and more than 500 people employed between its multiple offices, the BPO conducts first-party and third-party collections on behalf of a variety of industries, including retail, education, financial services, healthcare, telecommunications, and utilities.

As contact centers embrace long-term hybrid environments, they are discovering that a cloud-based WEM solution brings their hybrid teams to life.

When your teams have conversations with customers, they close more deals, secure more payments, fix problems and create more trust.

Utilities have had to change how they typically interact with their customers and the contact centre now plays a vital role in delivering accuracy and seamless service.

Millions of people now prefer the convenience of home shopping and one company at the forefront of this boom industry is America’s HSN (Home Shopping Network).

The insights created by real-time conversation analytics provides a deeper understanding of customers, employees, and the overall status of the business.

The reality of the remote contact centre — agents working from home offices, kitchen tables, bedrooms and basements — took shape quickly in 2020. Contact centres were among the first remote work models to be spun up, because that was the lifeline for that connected customers with brands.

2021 has been a challenging year. Across the industry, contact centres are setting up new working models and facing fresh people, process and technology challenges, as well as those stubborn old issues.

The virtual assistant of BNP Paribas Personal Finance Spain (better known as Cetelem) presents incredible results, handling four out of ten inquiries and with a success rate of 91%.

Once Quality Management was the mainstay of contact centre operations, when all contact was human-to-human and involved dealing with inquiries or transactions with a broad spectrum of complexity.

WhatsApp’s popularity as a customer support channel has grown over the last few years – and for good reason. Demand for automation has grown – making customer communication over WhatsApp faster, more engaging, and simpler than ever before.

Sharing information internally – and sharing the right information – increases your effectiveness in getting closer to your customers.

Customer expectations for the organizations they do business with are evolving. They now expect their interactions along the customer journey to be intuitive, effortless, personalized, and engaging. They also want to be able to communicate with businesses in whatever manner suits them at a given moment – in other words: an omnichannel experience.

This 2021 edition of CX Network’s Contact Centres report series presents exclusive insights from an elite research panel of contact centre leaders on the opportunities, hurdles and spend priorities ahead.

Customer service agents are the core of contact center success. When agents perform well, customers are happier, and the business generates more revenue.

This step-by-step change management guide will help you combine the physical with the digital customer journey and harness enormous insights in the process, leading your contact centre into the future.

The Post Office Ltd. deployed Nuance Live Assist and Nuance Virtual Assistant in just six months, with Nuance Call Steering coming only three months later, and, started seeing results almost immediately.

Quality management programs powered by artificial intelligence enable contact centers to deliver great customer experience. But how can you get started with transformational CX initiatives, especially when you’re starting with a manual quality program?

Discover free insights from MaxContact into what customers really think of key UK service industries and the customer service they receive on a daily basis.

This guide highlights points of view from well-established, independent research firms with expertise in the contact center market.

Early speech-to-text (STT) products were slow, inaccurate, and expensive. Recent breakthroughs in machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) have vastly improved STT accuracy and speed while other advancements have decreased implementation effort and cost.

Workforce Engagement Management is powerful in improving agent engagement and agility in your contact center. Now more than ever before, contact center leaders are searching for ways to integrate these characteristics into the core of their contact center, both operationally and culturally.

Organisations today collect huge amounts of data: about their customers, about their staff, about their industry, about their processes, about their hardware and software, web traffic, and so on. A small amount of this is business-critical data, roughly estimated to be about 12 per cent, which is used to keep the organisation running smoothly.

Written for leaders responsible for selecting and deploying customer service and support (CSS) solutions, this report defines how hyped and/or how mature each technology is and the potential value it could provide to your organisation.

The Inner Circle Guide to Omnichannel is one of the series of ContactBabel reports.

For contact center leaders, the pressures to maintain service levels and drive efficiency, while dealing with high turnover, remain constant.

When the contact centre is isolated from the rest of your business, you are held back from providing the best customer experience possible because your agents feel disconnected. Given that agents are crucial to customer engagement, they must be aligned with the company to perform well.

As automated speech recognition (ASR) technology became more affordable, powerful and reliable in recent years, it has transformed how customers and organizations can interact, drastically improving contact center operations and customer service.

Customer journeys begin with web search, and long before they initiate contact with an agent, they’re self-serving their needs and crawling the web and your digital—and physical—channels. If they do reach out for support, it’s on any channel, at any point of their journey. And, they’re measuring their experience with your company against the best they’ve had.

CX and IT leaders are facing significant and transformative challenges as they navigate a drastically changed workplace. At the same time, customers are interacting differently.

The Inner Circle Guide to Customer Engagement & Personalisation is one of the series of ContactBabel reports.

The first step to providing excellent customer service and CX is to hire the right people for the job. This is an important part of a team leader’s responsibilities. Finding the right contact center agents can be challenging. By asking the right questions, you can gather valuable information about each candidate, allowing you to build a strong customer service team.

In an ideal world, call summaries will be automatically transcribed and summarised accurately and be stored in the CRM system. This will save agents’ time in the post-call wrap up and will offer any new agents dealing with the customer the ability to provide a consistent service.

At Talkdesk, we know the importance of benchmarking in driving strategic business decisions. Featuring our proprietary data, the brand new KPI benchmarking report analyses the impact of the turbulence of 2020 on contact centre performance across five operational metrics applicable to every industry.

This unique research explores the extent to which business executives want to invest in artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in order to positively impact the customer experience (CX) provided by their organisations.

Asking knowledge-based authentication questions takes time — for some organisations, between two and seven minutes. It makes contact centre agents feel like interrogators, and it makes them fear the consequences of failing to spot a criminal.

The Inner Circle Guides are a series of analyst reports investigating key customer contact solutions and business issues.

We’re in an era of effortless customer experience (CX), driven by brands like Netflix and Amazon, who have pushed CX to new heights.

AWS customers worldwide now have access to Voci Technologies V-Transcribe, providing the fastest, most accurate transcription solution and services in the industry. This availability opens the door for AWS customers to take advantage of Voci’s enterprise-grade REST speech-to-text (STT) web services.

For most companies, achieving intelligence into true CX is easier said than done. Yet it’s imperative— the ROI is undeniable.

One of the country’s largest health insurance providers with nearly 15 million members wanted to improve the outcomes of its automatic speech recognition (ASR) system. This included overall accuracy as well as an improved ability to identify industry-specific terms spoken by its customers and call center agents.

This white paper is the first in a series of three examining how businesses can grow revenue by unlocking the value of voice and chat to transform customer service; use speech analytics and conversational computing to improve customer service agent performance and reduce risk by improving compliance in the contact centre.

As contact centers look for ways to diversify revenue, adding cross-selling and upselling to agents’ responsibilities is a key focus. Playvox recently surveyed contact center professionals about how their organizations employ cross-selling and upselling, and we share those insights in this eBook.

As you move your contact centre to the Cloud, or implement Cloud technologies, there are a wide range of issues you need to consider to make sure that the process is a success and that you maximise the opportunities that the Cloud will bring.

As the world opens back up, it’s difficult to know exactly what the future of work will look like. Remote work will continue to play a part in the hybrid arrangements of contact centres.

CX is a crucial ingredient to delighting your customers, differentiating your brand, and deepening your customer relationships.

Since the early days of contact centers, the channels used by customers have changed very little. Traditional methods such as calls remain the most popular channel, and we have seen faxes and snail mail replaced with email.

Speech analytics solutions powered by speech-to-text (STT) technology can allow contact centers to unlock insights that produce outcomes like increased customer satisfaction and revenue.

When the COVID-19 pandemic threw the contact centre industry into disarray, some assumed that customer management BPOs, with their promise of scalable resource, would benefit.

Overwhelming digitization means businesses need to up their emotional quotient and go back to basics of customer communications – the human connection.

Delivering high quality, consistent customer service is essential for housing associations, and it is one of the key areas evaluated by the regulator when assessing providers.

Maintaining agent productivity can be a challenge, no matter where your agents are working. By implementing simple strategies, you can significantly increase efficiency of your customer service operations teams working on-site, remote or hybrid.

People have become accustomed to speaking to their phones and devices to ask questions and get assistance from virtual agents. AI innovations have made it easier to get support through automated systems due to their ability to better understand more complex interactions.

A recent Forrester Consulting study, commissioned by CallMiner, revealed that voice calling has become the new empathy channel, in which agents are dealing with more complex customer requests and emotionally charged customers than ever before.

AI-powered speech and chat analytics have the potential to revolutionise customer interactions in the contact centre. But how successfully are contact centres in UK companies realising these benefits?

The “UK Contact Centre Decision-Makers’ Guide (2020-21 – 18th edition)” is a major annual report studying the CX strategy, performance, operations and technology aspects of UK organisations.

Customer journey mapping refers to the strategies companies use to understand the paths their customers take each day. With the right map, you can visualise what it takes to turn an interested lead into a loyal customer and even improve customer experience on a fundamental level.

As contact centers around the globe firmly establish best practices in the new normal, contact center success and efficiency has never mattered more — and hybrid work environments are more common than ever.

Royal London were struggling with challenges around visibility of operations and the need to centralise their resource planning activities across multiple sites, teams, and functions.

Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to work-from-home...working mums, carers for elderly relatives, people who live with a disability, others who live in remote rural areas, and people who simply prefer the convenience and benefits of homeworking.

The stakes in customer service have never been higher. The rate of innovation and growing customer expectations have pushed customer experience (CX) to the forefront of market competition. Getting emotional could be the next big differentiator.

Truly evaluating the success of your business requires the objectivity of numbers, which will ultimately tell the full story. When you know where you stand today, you’re well-equipped to build a strategy for growth and take your contact center to new heights.

Accelerated technological changes have been a driving force for innovations in the contact center industry, and now other disruptors are pushing the boundaries of contact center operations.

Talkdesk has been named a Leader in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Contact Center as a Service. As one of only three Leaders in the report, Talkdesk was named a Leader based on evaluation across 15 criteria.

Consumers across generational age groups and particularly those within the Generation Z and Millenials bracket have an expectation that communication with a brand should be possible via any preferred channel such as phone, email, chat, advanced messaging apps or social media.

CX plays a fundamental part in the success and failure of every business. Successful companies offer good experiences at every touch point.

“The Inner Circle Guide to AI, Chatbots & Machine Learning (2nd edition)” is one of the Inner Circle series of ContactBabel reports.

With the right data, you can make informed decisions about the strategies that will grow your brand. Data guides companies towards improved customer service and paves the way for digital transformation. But this information works best when it’s accessible.

From providing real-time visibility into agent performance (on-site or remote) to reducing attrition, a Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) solution can be game-changing. WEM can be your solution to providing outstanding customer experience, improving contact center agent engagement, and reducing operating expenses.