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White papers represent a great way to read in depth about some of the issues facing call centres.

Recent events have rapidly accelerated shifts in workplace flexibility, customer experience and agent engagement. Those changes aren’t temporary. For contact centre managers, this is both an opportunity and a challenge.

During April, IST & Genesys conducted an online survey among 150 contact centre executives and managers in the United Kingdom.

If you’re reading an eBook about why your chatbot isn’t working, chances are you already know what a chatbot is.

A checklist for Managing COVID-19 & Changes to Information. A quick checklist for keeping employees informed.

This document offers guidelines to help you prepare a contact centre budget. It examines basic steps in the process and explains the critical role workforce management plays in budget preparation.

Covid-19 is creating unprecedented change and businesses are creaking under the impact.

For those new to setting up a home office, the process can be overwhelming. Worse yet, without the proper setup, remote workers can sabotage their own success. From equipment to layouts and ways to block out background noise and distractions, setting up the perfect home office is about more than just having a laptop and internet connection ready to go.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing our world. From life-saving medical services to interpersonal connectivity, the many benefits of applied AI are just beginning to be realized.

The Inner Circle Guides are a series of analyst reports investigating key customer contact solutions. This guide aims to give a detailed and definitive view of cloud-based contact centre solutions and what the future holds.

Data privacy and protection are becoming global focus points as digital tech becomes further ingrained in society.

The results are officially in and you can now download our popular, annual report that delves into how contact centres are delivering great service to the modern customer.

This white paper will explore the building blocks and best practices for a new era of Workforce Engagement—the “behind the scenes” technology foundation for customer experience (CX) excellence.

For agents to perform their jobs effectively and provide a great customer experience, they need to feel empowered, confident and supported. These are the goals of any training program, but having to deliver one that can achieve these results remotely presents additional challenges.

In this document, Poly provides guidance on how to effectively clean and disinfect your Poly collaboration hardware in high-use areas, such as conference rooms, lobbies and contact centers.

The why of (social) media monitoring is no longer a matter of discussion.

GDPR did not just influence the way organizations handle data, but also the structure of their operations. Contact centers need to constantly educate and monitor their employee’s practices to make sure they are in line with GDPR regulations and in certain cases, appoint a DPO to oversee the company’s data protection strategy.

How do you select the technology to support your customer service environment? Tough, isn it? Getting the right fit at the outset is crucial. Choosing the right vendor will save you time, money, and cut risk. It will also make certain you avoid the pitfalls that have surprised call centers in the past.

We've teamed up with Contact Babel in their latest report: “The Inner Circle Guide to Cloud-based Contact Centre Solutions (4th edition)".

For most companies, achieving intelligence into true CX is easier said than done. The average organization analyzes just 2% of all customer interactions – mostly for random assurance checks and reactive investigations.

Today’s economy is customer-centric, and customer expectations have never been higher. When taking into account that mobility is a key business continuity requirement, businesses need to adopt omnichannel digital engagement tools to empower their agents whilst also keeping agents connected.

We commissioned a survey to find out why Britain’s consumers leave suppliers. After all, the perceived wisdom is that switching is good for consumers. We expected to see increasing levels of automated interaction, with a decline in the use of the phone to contact suppliers. But what we found was very different.

Keeping your contact centre up and running during any type of natural disaster is essential to ensure the continuity of your business.

The basis of reputation management is good monitoring: mapping, protecting and improving an online reputation.

A checklist to help you prepare for managing work-from-home Contact Centre agents.

Remote call center staffs are becoming increasingly popular. It’s easy to see why. Managers can more easily match agent supply to demand, reducing the need for onsite agents. Organizations can save money by downsizing brick and mortar locations. Plus, the call center can tap into a larger pool of qualified agents who need the flexibility that at-home work provides.

As IT professionals, you have a critical role to play. It is you and your team who develop and deliver the vital infrastructure every organization needs to succeed. So, whether you are involved in the initial search for WFM software or brought in during the buying process, we understand that there are key questions that need to be asked to evaluate if it will be a sound investment and seamless implementation.

With many agents now suddenly working from home, keeping them engaged and connected with their work is crucial. This is especially true when taking into account they might start to feel depressed, isolated, and struggling to remain focused.

In light of recent events, many organizations are renewing their focus on business continuity and disaster planning.

Automatic speech recognition (ASR) systems are used to significantly reduce customer churn and interaction costs by enabling voice-of-the customer analysis.

Voice is an important and critical customer support channel. Your agents talk to your customers on a daily basis and with each conversation, you are either gaining or losing customers. According to a report by PwC, 1 in 3 customers would leave a business just after one bad experience. A prerequisite for great customer service is having a call center that functions well.

As a social media manager, what exactly do you need to pay attention to when determining and measuring your ROI? Why is it important to respond proactively to social media posts in addition to reactive monitoring?

As organizations seek to boost digital customer engagement and automate as much of their business operations as possible, the convergence of Robotic Process Automation and Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVA) has arrived and Jacada is leading the charge.

Today’s contact centers have never faced as much continuous change as they do now.

With traditional contact center quality assurance programs, most companies are only scrutinizing about 2 percent of the interactions they have with their customers. The other 98 percent get stuck on a server, forgotten and taking up space until the retention period expires. These companies are neglecting their most valuable asset—the voice of the customer.

Organisations completed the first phase of contact centre's transition to Work from Home, by setting up the foundation for remote work.

Its typical to measure contact centre agents by the time to answer, the number of calls handled, call length, call abandonment rate, and other quantitative performance indicators. While these metrics still have some relevance, they do little to indicate whether the customer experience was good or even whether the customer’s question was answered satisfactorily.

In this eBook, we look at how delivering a quality service is king in 2020 and why it’s no longer acceptable to force customers to interact with you in certain ways.

Customer expectations are on the rise and modern consumers expect timely, meaningful and authentic service from their favorite brands - every time and everywhere.

The development of online customer service has taken off in recent years. Organisations recognize the need to engage in online conversation with their customers and it is increasingly becoming an integral part of digital customer contact. Online customer service has grown up.

In this whitepaper you will learn how to remove any barriers between the front-end and the back end, by combining UiPATH RPA & Botter to streamline your processes delivering excellence in CX.