White Papers

White papers represent a great way to read in depth about some of the issues facing call centres.

Genesys | Interactive Intelligence provide commentary on the latest trends in Contact Centre technology, detailing how they are redefining the Customer Experience.

The EU’s New Directive for the Protection of Personal Data will change how all organisations manage information. Pindrop shares insight into how Contact Centres are ideal targets while providing their recommended multi-layer approach to security.

Many call centres use multi-channel analytics solutions to mine unstructured data, identify patterns in customer behavior, and visually represent customer sentiment. This whitepaper examines the use-case potential of a well-tuned multi-channel analytics solution.

How do you bring together employees, customers and corporate demands to run the contact centre in an efficient and engaging way? This White Paper shows Business Systems latest survey results and how Workforce Management can help.

Nuffield Health were looking for a scalable, compliant and reliable system that would perform across the business. In this case study Serenova explains how Nuffield Health were able to take back control of their customer experience.

Business Systems have partnered with The Forum and Chris Rainsforth, Senior Customer Contact Specialist, to find out how UK contact centres are using Quality Monitoring in 2016 and whether it’s gaining momentum as an integral part of contact centre strategy.

This Paper looks at how a combination of the insight provided by Interaction Analytics and smart coaching can feed the psychology of competence and create a culture of self-evaluation and improvement to enhance agent, call centre and business performance.

This paper outlines 8 key features that you should look for when considering investing in a field service mobile app. These features will boost the efficiency of your workforce while simultaneously empowering them to deliver a better customer experience.

Next generation Intelligent Assistance (IA) promises to transform customer uptake of self-service. In this report, Intelecom explains how you can keep up with the evolution of customer service.

Having grown rapidly since conception, First Utility were experiencing issues with regard to the scalability, stability and functionality of their previous contact centre platform. In this case study Serenova explain how they implemented new solutions within the contact centre.

When your employees can create their own journey of engagement, improved customer service creates itself. This e-book provides an essential guide to an employee’s journey with your organization.

This report shares new analysis on the impact that language has on the customer experience and the rising demand for multilingual service in non-voice channels such as chat and social media.

The challenge To support the Bank’s corporate customers in the EMEA region, the Bank offers them expert outsourced call centre services via its UK-based Client Service Centre.

Offering a proactive service is the third strand in having an optimised service strategy, taking its place alongside assisted service and self-service. In this white paper Intelecom explain how you can design an effective proactive service strategy.

If your contact centre is taking card payments, you need to comply with PCI DSS. It’s not an option. It’s mandatory. This whitepaper provides insight into how you can achieve and maintain compliance using IP Integration’s Secure Payment On-Demand solution.

The intent to provide self-service has been a long-standing customer service ambition. This White Paper looks at how intelligent assistance can proactively help in a world where reducing customer effort remains a major customer service objective.

A growing number of companies are redefining how work gets done by automating mundane processes. Learn how organisations are using the NICE Robotic Automation solution to optimise resources, cut costs, and increase speed and accuracy.

Tracking Customer Effort is a hot topic for Voice of the Customer (VOC). This e-book provides an essential guide to customer effort, explaining why it matters and discussing approaches to identifying and tackling its root causes, while gaining significant ROI.

The world is becoming increasingly digital. The proliferation of smart-phones and high-tech availability means your customers are demanding seamless experience regardless of how they contact you. The report looks at how you can engage with customers in this ultra-connected era.

Millennials have a more favourable view of a brand or organisation if their customer service portal is mobile-responsive and this digital transformation impact on contact centres is huge. This White Paper explores how contact centres can shape up in preparation.