White Papers

White papers represent a great way to read in depth about some of the issues facing call centres.

There are so many ways to get pain-free customer service, but what is the fastest path to relief? This white paper looks at how improved knowledge management can enable your contact centre to provide the ultimate customer experience.

To meet the demands of today’s omnichannel contact centre you need to take your quality management programme to the next level. This white paper shares Seven Reasons to Select NICE Quality Central.

In this commissioned study, Forrester Consulting evaluate the shift toward proactive customer communication within a new omnichannel environment and identify the top benefits of proactively communicating with customers: Higher customer satisfaction, increased overall revenue, and increased cost savings.

Read about how technology from Serenova provides agents with the ability to respond to customers in any channel – or pivot seamlessly from one to another as needed to improve the customer experience.

Frost & Sullivan recently surveyed around 500 senior customer experience (CX) executives to understand how enterprises approached CX and whether the Internet of Things (IoT) may impact on their business. This white paper summarises the key findings from the study.

Planning for emergencies such as storms, natural disasters or any disruption is generally part of every comprehensive business plan. This white paper includes how to manage the sudden flood of calls to your business and increase customer satisfaction.

See all your interactions in one place with the right communications technology that can integrate with existing systems. This white paper includes essential top tips on how technology can improve productivity and boost placements for the recruitment industry.

The average call centre only listens to and is capable of monitoring just 3 to 4% of its contacts. This white paper includes tips for how to take speech analytics further with contact analytics.

What can contact centres do to make themselves more desirable and ‘preferred’ places to work, with high staff engagement? This white paper looks at 20 strategies and initiatives to improve employee engagement in the contact centre.

Virtual assistants are playing an important role in digital commerce and customer care strategies, particularly for organisations looking to deliver engaging customer experience. This White Paper includes 6 aspects of virtual assistants, including key factors, successful deployments and ongoing support.

A study to take a look at modern WFM practices, challenges, and future plans. This white paper shares how leaders can gain an understanding of workforce management in the contact centre and use these findings within their own organizations.

Net Promoter score remains the primary method of measuring customer satisfaction. So why do many companies struggle to increase their score and, more importantly, quantify its value? This white paper looks at improving your contact centre Net Promoter Score

The study, commissioned by 8×8, canvassed the views of 1,095 local government staff in the UK. This white paper explores attitudes to new technology adoption in local government across the UK.

Large organisations understand that customer experience is now what makes them stand out from the crowd This White Paper includes 10 building blocks to help evolve a social customer care programme and make sure you can handle interactions at scale.

Today’s customer expects a lot for their loyalty. Reactive customer service is therefore yesterday’s game plan. This white paper looks at how you can readjust your ambitions and strategy and embark on a journey of working smarter not harder.

Call centres today are faced with challenges that demand attention to improve results for customers. This survey of call centre managers and executives in the US and the UK checks on the current state of priorities and areas for improvement.

Finding the PCI-DSS Balance UK Contact Centre Survey Autumn 2016 An IPI Insights survey of the UK contact centre industry suggests that whilst most organisations are addressing the issues of PCI-DSS, many have substantial implementation challenges ahead.

For customer-experience professionals busy crafting multichannel journeys for their customers, it’s critical that actual consumer usage patterns are placed at the heart of any strategy.

Companies that excel at digital customer care reap impressive rewards. This eBook provides insight into how you can revolutionise your customer experience and deliver next-gen digital customer service.

Performance management can align an entire firm, from frontline employees to executives, around a central mission and goal. This white paper shares contact centre best practices – to replace outdated performance metrics, segment employees, implement gamification, and optimise employee engagement.