White Papers

White papers represent a great way to read in depth about some of the issues facing call centres.

In this case study QStory shares how their WhyDetector analytic tool transformed the Telesure Group’s contact centre

Learn some of the best practices in self-service strategy and how to blend it right with agent-assisted service.

This eBook shares expert opinions and looks at how technology (AI) can support human skills to provide a better customer experience. AI can take care of monotonous and low added-value tasks, freeing up agents to make this a winning combination.

This white paper is your handbook for venturing into the RPA world. It’s packed with background on what RPA can do for you and your organisation, how it works, and the different kinds of robotic solutions for your automation needs.

How do firms know for sure that their call recording platform is recording all required calls and that such calls are stored in a readily accessible manner? Read this white paper to find out more.

A new study reveals customer experience increases pressure on the front line. This white paper looks at how to impact agent experience today, allowing them to make informed decisions about customers and deliver on the brand promise for customers.

The micro-multinational is key component of UK business and a significant driver of innovation, growth and exports. This white paper looks at why SMEs are the engine for the UK PLC global expansion.

This report provides the results of a recent study looking at key customer frustrations, the decline in people contacting customer service, customer churn by industry and how customer experience is improving on emerging channels of choice.

Manually managing the daily real-time activities leaves companies struggling with poor customer experiences and inefficient staff utilisation. Proactive real-time management provides a solution that the team needs to achieve optimum service levels whilst making the most of their time.

Monitoring as a Service (MaaS) is an advanced proactive and predictive monitoring service designed to keep an eye on all of your contact centre applications, integrations and services. Read this white paper to find out more.

This white paper focuses on exploring successful and effective insights into avoiding the most common pitfalls in implementing AI in the contact centre, be that a chatbot, VA, or other automated channels.

This white paper examines the challenges of competing based on customer experience and how enterprises can support and encourage interactions between customers and employees. It presents 8×8’s view of the enterprise engagement management landscape and evaluates the opportunities and challenges.

This report explores the types of experiences that drive customers away, what businesses can do to keep them from leaving, and the impact providing more positive service experiences has on customer relationships.

Organisations claim to offer a great customer journey. But what about the calls that go unanswered? This white paper looks at Rapport – a dashboard solution that captures 100% of all customer engagement attempts and unlocks customer journey insight.

This step-by-step guide explains everything you need to know about Net Promoter (NPS). The practical approach offers lots of advice for improving: from How to Calculate, NPS Surveys, and NPS Benchmarks.

Many issues trouble today’s contact centre, from productivity to omnichannel efficiency. As such, businesses suffer when they can’t provide customers with the help they require. Migrating to a cloud-based solution can turn these challenges into opportunities, driving your business forward.

Today’s digital customers create a challenge for organisations to sell, market and service them effectively. This report examines the reasons why organisations struggle to meet customer expectations and gives recommendations for evaluating communications platform providers.

Has your ageing on-premises PBX phone system become too expensive and complex to maintain? Is this legacy system holding your business back? This white paper is a guide to replacing legacy on-premises systems with a modern cloud communications solution.

Self-service is growing and has a far greater role to play than simply reducing the number of calls coming into the contact centre. This white paper outlines a series of techniques to create a sound self-service strategy.

This white paper shares industry experts’ and analysts’ latest thinking around how contact centres need to adapt to maintain a competitive edge in today’s multichannel environment and how best to leverage technology to get the most from your contact centre […]