White Papers

White papers represent a great way to read in depth about some of the issues facing call centres.

Throughout September and October 2018, Call Centre Helper readers were invited to take part in our annual contact centre survey. We asked 45 questions to over 350 contact centre professionals to gather our greatest ever overview of the contact centre […]

Fraud is on the rise across customer-facing interaction channels. This white paper examines the challenges that organisations face and how voice, behavioural and biometrics successfully detect and prevent fraud while improving customer experience by reducing effort for legitimate customers.

In this short ebook, Guy Letts from CustomerSure explains why ‘getting feedback right’ delivers, and lays out a step-by-step guide process you can follow to start getting results fast.

Studies have shown that it’s emotional satisfaction that is especially important. This white paper looks at emotions, how they influence behaviour, their relevance to customer experience outcomes and specifically how all this translates into the daily life of customer interaction.

Forward-thinking contact centre leaders recognise the potential value of voice of the customer data.. What does it take to truly harness your customer data and become a voice of the customer superhero? Download the ebook to find out.

Call centres are expected to continuously improve the customer experience. Today, they are expected to reduce costs too. This case study illustrates how Real Time Resolutions successfully implemented Interaction Analytics to significantly reduce costs and increase customer contact.

In its third instalment, Opus Research provides a comprehensive buying guide detailing 26 solution providers for enterprise intelligent assistants.

Is your contact centre prepared to stop current customer churn and adapt to take on future challenges? Get the ebook to find out how to use your customer interaction data to claim your spot at the executive table.

The next step-up in productivity for contact centres is the implementation of intraday automation (or sometimes called real-time automation) – adapting the daily scheduling automatically. This white paper looks at the benefits of intraday automation and solutions like QStory’s ARTI.

This report reveals how consumers prefer to interact with a business, what they value most when engaging with a business, what personal information they are willing to share and what businesses miss when it comes to delivering an exceptional experience.

More companies are understanding that call centre quality assurance is critical to customer experience and that they must move past outdated tracking and recording methods. This guide outlines how a good customer experience is dependent on the right tool, training, […]

Analytics is one of the more versatile and powerful innovations that has become available to contact centres. This white paper explains how interaction analytics creates value and rapid ROI with examples from real-world deployments.

The link between agent productivity and contact centre performance is real. This white paper outlines 7 ways to motivate staff and improve contact centre performance using the latest cloud-based technology.

How to bridge silos for a better customer experience. In this guide, you’ll learn how to transcend the IVR-to-digital gap and move the right callers to the right digital channels so you can enhance the customer experience while cutting costs.

The agent desktop plays a crucial part in the delivery of customer service. However, the required functionality for an agent desktop has dramatically changed over the past decade. This ebook summarises 4 key factors that define a true unified desktop.

This Customer Experience (CX) Transformation Benchmark reports on some of the most recent customer service experiences across 11 different channels.

Extracting and interpreting the data that matters to us, and our business, is becoming more difficult. Download this white paper to learn nine ways CMOs & CXOs should use contact centre analytics to stay ahead of the curve.

Electricity and gas suppliers are amongst the top churning sectors in the CallMiner Index. This white paper reveals how utilities are driving customers away for completely avoidable reasons – and it’s costing billions. Read more to find out.

Looking for an independent assessment of the leading cloud contact centre vendors? Forrester Research has evaluated the main players for you, with Serenova highlighted as a Strong Performer.

Our customers are now expecting, and demanding, much more from customer service. This paper will analyse what factors influence customer perception of the quality of service delivered, how we measure it and ways service businesses can improve customer service excellence.

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