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White papers represent a great way to read in depth about some of the issues facing call centres.

Clutter on agent desktops is a problem. It causes agent frustration, lengthens handling times and damages quality of service. But with agents constantly switching between tools, what can be done? This report highlights five innovative ways to combat the issue.

Your contact centre needs to work hard to stand out and positively impact customer retention and satisfaction. By leveraging solutions such as quality management, you can pinpoint areas for improvement and position your contact centre to deliver outstanding customer experiences.

This white paper outlines 3 key strategies to achieve sustainable business success by using workforce management (WFM) technology to power CX and employee engagement.

To provide the level of support expected by today’s consumers, it’s increasingly important that contact centres have the ability to scale up. Read on to find out how Amazon Connect is providing businesses with a genuinely scalable and cost-effective solution.

This guide shares tips, tricks and best practices that can help you to choose and then improve the most critical KPIs within the contact centre, all in an effort to drive towards a better customer experience.

This eBook looks at agent performance and identifies areas where training can dramatically improve call centre activity as it works towards the goal of customer delight.

Lifeplus delivers great customer service, so when they experienced rapid growth, they sought Bright’s guidance on how to maintain great customer satisfaction This case study shows how Lifeplus uses customer satisfaction insights to maintain a Bright Index top 25% position.

Consumers want a valued interaction and not to be treated like a number that has to be dealt with quickly. In this ebook, you will learn how to map your customer journey and mistakes to avoid including customer pain points.

The future-ready contact centre is one that is informed of its customers’ needs and wants, and is able to keep up when customers change communication channels. This guide focuses on how to future-proof your contact centre.

Artificial intelligence is being used in many ways to improve customer experience, and innovative new use cases are emerging all the time. This paper provides real use cases of engagement analytics & automation for contact centre success.

Contact centres play a significant role in building and maintaining a brand’s reputation, with an increasing number of customers calling for high-touch, complex engagements or for remediation of digital failures.

In this paper, we share NICE Nexidia’s tips on how to overcome the top five challenges of omnichannel analytics, so companies can gain the insights needed to deliver value and satisfaction with each omnichannel customer experience.

Choosing new contact centre software involves a complex web of choices that need to be made before you are able to provide a modern, customer-driven contact centre experience.

According to Forrester Research, customers are in a space of survey overload. Read how speech or engagement analytics solutions offer a source of customer experience and voice of the customer. It’s time to create a complete picture with unsolicited feedback.

Most organisations record customer calls and capture channel interactions for quality assurance purposes. But they ignore how this insight can provide better customer and agent experiences. This study looks at converting interactions into actionable insights to improve the customer experience.

In this white paper, we discuss six applications and associated use-cases for AI that have already enabled companies to transform (not just improve) customer service and engagement. We will also talk about innovative ways that can get you going with […]

Call centre technology consolidation can capture value, increase efficiency and reduce demands on IT teams. It also has a host of end-customer benefits. This eBook looks at how you can grow and adapt your business with minimal disruption to both […]

Historically, many companies have used spreadsheets to track and analyse call centre performance against KPIs and other metrics. Here is our guide to understanding and implementing quality assurance (QA) tactics in the call centre for improved performance, compliance, and, ultimately, […]

How do you pick the right solution provider, succeed in your initiative, and avoid holding the bag? This best-practice article shares some traps to watch out for as you set out to achieve your seemingly impossible mission.

In this paper, we demonstrate how advances in speech and language processing coupled with AI-driven speech analytics can provide customer-engagement insights. As a result, you will be able to implement recommendations to improve customer satisfaction, and to transform your organisation.

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