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We have developed a free forecasting template in Excel to help you with your Call Centre Planning.

This tool needs you to have 24 previous months of data available. You add these to the spreadsheet and it will calculate the next 12 months' predicted values for you. You can then used these reports for capacity planning purposes. The forecasting template has been designed to work with call volumes, but could easily be adapted for other types of monthly forecast.

Our forecaster works using the Holt-Winters, or triple exponential smoothing, method, which assumes that there are three components to any forecast:

•   A seasonal adjustment - based on previous data for the same months, e.g. you might expect customer calls to go down in December or rise in July.
•   A trend - whether your values are generally growing or shrinking over time.
•   A level - a baseline for your values once the other components have been removed.

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