Prudential Financial Implements AI Contact Centre Solutions

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Prudential Financial has leveraged Nuance’s AI-powered contact centre technology to prevent fraud, empower their agents and simplify the customer experience.

Another key aim for Prudential Financial was to simplify technology, for a better experience for both agents and customers.

For example, Prudential Financial’s adoption of Nuance’s FraudMiner solution allows the agent to focus on the customer’s needs and not on the 25 questions they have to answer in their head of how do I authenticate etc.

The technologies that Prudential Financial invested in included voice biometrics, enrolment and watchlist capabilities, enabling the company to take on a layered approach by leveraging capabilities in a more efficient manner.

These capabilities also enable Prudential’s collaboration with law enforcement to catch some of these fraudsters in action. This is important due to the increased sophistication of today’s fraudsters.

Early in the pandemic, Prudential immediately put internal programs, systems and capabilities in place to start monitoring the type of activity they were going to see.

“We all know fraudsters are opportunistic but seeing the fraudsters systemically learn the product, they were becoming more advanced, leveraging cross channel activity and being very persistent,” said Greg Williamson, Vice President, Customer Protection, Information Security and IT Controls at Prudential Financial.

“As you listen to calls over the last several months, you can see them learning the product.”

“Some of the intent wasn’t to get the money, it was to gather information, testing our threshold capabilities and being very persistent with seeing if our guards were down and how we were changing or not changing – understanding the different aspects of each employer and the regulations each employer has, really taking the time to educate themselves the same way we do.”

To hear more from Gavin on how Prudential Financial is dealing with call centre fraud, click on the link and listen to this interesting webinar.

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Author: Robyn Coppell

Published On: 28th Jul 2020
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