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rapport on chalkboard
28 Effective Ways to Build Rapport With Customers and Clients
Two people with nets catching butterflies with numbers
Are Your Team Leaders Too Busy Chasing Metrics?
Sharing ideas and learning concept with people looking at icons
12 Inspiring Tactics for Sharing the Call Centre With the Wider Company
Strategy concept with arrows and pins
An Introduction to… Customer Access Strategy
Acknowledgement Statements text written on notebook
The Top 10 Acknowledgement Statements for Customer Service and Difficult Situations
The inscription neurodiversity under the torn paper and colorful gear wheels.
An Introduction to… Championing Neurodiversity in the Contact Centre
Strategy concept with hands holding chess pieces
How to Be More Proactive in the Contact Centre
Words bad news surrounded by paper balls
How to Deliver Bad News in Customer Service
Pillars in the clouds
The 10 Pillars of EX (Employee Experience)
thank you labels
150 Great Complimentary Words and Phrases to Use in Customer Service
What I've Learned Simon Ryan sponge
What I’ve Learned From Running a Contact Centre – Be a Knowledge Sponge
Successful Strategy concept with chess pieces
Top Tips for Improving Your Workforce Engagement Strategy
Person planning with post it notes on glass
Top Call Centre Planning Challenges and How to Handle Them
Coaching Training Performance Learning Practice Concept
12 Reasons You Shouldn’t Skip Training in a Short-Staffed Call Centre
Small cat with big male lion shadow - confidence concept
How to Build Advisor Confidence
Hands Holding Yellow and White Speech Bubbles Customer Service Empathy Statements
Empathy Statements for Customer Service
A picture of staff taken at the BT contact centre site in Accrington
15 Must-Try Ideas From the BT Contact Centre
A group of people playing table soccer in office
Employee Engagement Activities for Your Contact Centre
Vision, Business Concept
Getting Started With Customer Service Mantras and Vision Statements
Storm clouds over sun and field- de-escalation concept
The Best De-Escalation Techniques
Person drawing playbook, strategy and tactics
Using Scheduling Playbooks to Manage Spikes in Service Demand
Dice showing number six with neon colours
6 Contact Centre Initiatives You Can’t Ignore
Cute little kitten in glasses fell asleep on keyboard on working desk place - quiet quitting concept
How to Combat Quiet Quitting in the Call Centre
Stop sign with blurred coloured background
23 Things Every Contact Centre Manager Needs to STOP Doing in 2023