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Uniphore has announced a strategic partnership with Colombia-based CompuCom SAS, marking Uniphore’s definitive entry into the generative AI market in Central and South America, and expanding its leading market position in Europe and the United States.

The partnership will enable CompuCom SAS, an industry leader with 35 years in the telecommunications sector, to meet an urgent and accelerating need for companies in the region to harness the power of AI-based solutions and drive even more value and efficiency in their business decisions.

CompuCom SAS will bolster its service portfolio with Uniphore’s industry-leading X-Platform and AI product suite including U-Self Serve, U-Assist, U-Capture and U-Analyze to become the top enterprise AI solutions provider for banking and telecommunications customers in the Americas and Europe.

“CompuCom SAS is excited to embark on this partnership with Uniphore, an innovative force in the Enterprise AI landscape,” said Nelson Reyes, Chief Architect of CompuCom SAS.

“Building on our successful 22-year collaboration with the company formerly known as Red Box, now part of Uniphore, we are set to transform our customer offerings by integrating Uniphore’s cutting-edge AI solutions.”

Previously, CompuCom SAS leveraged solutions from UK-based Red Box, which was acquired by Uniphore in 2023.

CompuCom SAS offers solutions for communications recording systems, data storage and cloud, in addition to financial services telecommunications and compliance solutions, biometrics voice, IVR automation, business intelligence and data mining capabilities.

Following the acquisition, Uniphore in September 2023 unveiled U-Capture, an AI solution to help enterprises seamlessly access data from past and even live conversations, driving improved insights for customers and the strongest possible AI-driven outcomes for the business.

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with CompuCom SAS,” said Gokul Gopalakrishnan, Senior Vice President and Global Head of Partnerships at Uniphore.

“With this strategic alignment, we will leverage CompuCom SAS’s extensive network and market reach to revolutionize how businesses leverage Enterprise AI to interact with customers in the banking and telecommunications industries.”

Through this partnership, Uniphore and Compucom SAS are excited to continue delivering industry-leading AI-products and services for a global customer base.

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Published On: 3rd Apr 2024 - Last modified: 10th Apr 2024
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