Vonage Helps Key Travel Deliver Enhanced Omnichannel Experience

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Vonage has announced that Key Travel has delivered an enhanced omnichannel experience for humanitarian and academic travellers worldwide with Vonage Contact Centre for Salesforce.

Key Travel is one of the world’s largest travel management company specializing in the humanitarian, faith and academic sectors. They books flights, hotels and transportation all over the world.

Customers can also use the company’s digital tools to book cost-effective and eco-friendly travel, and access 24/7 customer service through its new Global Travel Hub — powered by Vonage contact centre.

“We need to ensure that we’re delivering the highest quality customer experience possible, so the selection of Vonage was absolutely a core part of our strategy,” said Daniel Morris, group IT director for Key Travel.

“If we didn’t get our selection of a reliable omnichannel communications provider right, the rest of our strategy would have been seriously flawed. Failing our customers means people who save lives cannot get to where they need to go. Implementing Vonage contact centre not only enabled us to provide a great customer experience, but also made a difference for our customers and the people they serve.”

Vonage contact centre is a reliable and flexible omnichannel communications solution integrated with Salesforce, which Key Travel relies on to connect agents with customers around the world via phone, video, chat, and SMS. Calls can also be automatically routed to agents with the right expertise and who speak the same language as the caller.

“The range of communications channels that you need as a humanitarian travel provider is vast,” adds Morris. “You need to have the full multichannel capabilities, and the ability to deliver an omnichannel customer experience. No matter how the customer reaches you, the experience must be seamless and personalized across channels.”

As a cloud solution, agents can access the Vonage contact centre from anywhere and it can be easily scaled in line with the company’s needs. This provides the technology necessary to boost Key Travel’s response to an increase in demand. During COVID-19, the company was able to transition more than 600 contact centre agents worldwide into remote workers without missing a single customer call.

“Communication is key in any business, but it’s particularly important for a humanitarian travel agency like Key Travel,” said Rodolpho Cardenuto, President, Applications Group for Vonage,

“Customers need to be able to connect with an agent quickly if something goes wrong or their plans change. Because Key Travel’s customers travel globally, and their agents and supervisors work globally, the organization needed a contact centre solution that works from anywhere.”

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Published On: 20th Aug 2021 - Last modified: 20th Jan 2023
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