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NICE have announced Western Union, has advanced customer experience through improved insight into their customer journeys with NICE Nexidia Customer Journey Optimisation (CJO).

Western Union offers digital transactions in 70 countries to move money around the world. As an iconic brand for over 150 years, Western Union is constantly striving to innovate for their customers.

The NICE Customer Journey Optimisation solution provides Western Union with a holistic view into customer experience, creating new ways to drive customer satisfaction.

By providing them with a complete view of the customer journey, they can quantify the impact of exceptions in order to allocate resources appropriately, with the goal of improving customer experience and retention.

“At Western Union, customer experience is our top priority. NICE Nexidia Customer Journey Optimisation provides innovative new technology that enables visibility into our customers’ paths in order to define, track, analyse and improve the processes,” said Stanley Yung, Chief Customer Officer at Western Union.

“With the power of CJO, we are able to leverage these new capabilities to seamlessly drive efficiency within our organisation, which ultimately results in improved customer satisfaction.”

“Our need to understand our customers and their needs continues to drive our digital transformation.”

NICE Customer Journey Optimisation uses sophisticated machine learning to connect customer experiences into a single, cohesive picture.

Powerful analytics then provide insight into each step of the customer journey. This helps identify patterns and find new opportunities to drive customer satisfaction and reduce cost by recognising where improvements can be made.

With new metrics, companies are able to stitch together data to open up a new view to better understand their customers’ needs.

“One of the biggest challenges when trying to achieve superior customer experience is to determine exactly where the common pain points are,” said Barry Cooper, President of NICE Enterprise.

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Barry Cooper

“NICE Customer Journey Optimisation ingests non-personal data from various customer experience solutions and identifies opportunities for improvement.” 

“Western Union is a customer centric organisation and with the help of NICE CJO they are able to identify solutions that improve their customers’ experiences.”

To find out more about NICE, visit: www.nice.com

Published On: 15th Aug 2019
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