Why Use a “Certified” Device?

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When we were sent home to work during the pandemic, many of us just grabbed the closest audio and video device we could find. For many, this was whatever earbuds came with their phone and the built-in webcam on their laptop.

But as we quickly found out, these devices were not exactly optimal for professional collaboration; echoey audio and grainy video are neither the most pleasant nor the most effective way to deliver an important presentation.

Now that we are transitioning into more permanent hybrid work setups, it’s important to rethink which devices we use to execute our most important work activities. And one of the first topics for consideration is certified devices.

What Is a Certified Device?

Put simply, a certified device is one which has gone through extensive testing and is deemed to meet the standards of performance and functionality for UC platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet.

From a performance perspective, they provide audio or video quality that enable you to get the absolute best experience from whichever platform you’re using. From a functionality perspective, a certification means that there will not be any functions or features of the platform that are not compatible with the device you’re using.

Not all certifications are platform-specific. There are general UC certifications, which are issued to products that fulfill the basic requirements for professional use, such as multi-device connectivity, enhanced call quality, and remote call control.

Similarly, there are Open Office devices, which require strict testing on features such as a microphone’s ability to suppress surrounding noise, office talk, and more specifically, human voices (that aren’t yours). To learn more about Jabra’s certification efforts, click here.

Enhanced Professional Support

When you have a certified device, you also get added product support from both the UC partner and the peripheral or end-point provider. Jabra and Microsoft, for example, offer a rich support function to organizations using their products and services.

This premium line of support between the peripheral manufacturer and the UC partner allows them to work in tandem to solve any issues that may arise with a product or platform and which may be limiting a user’s experience.

This elevated after-market support also enables organizations to minimize the number of IT tickets raised, freeing up their IT teams to solve more pressing tech and security issues.

Get the Latest Feature Updates

Similarly, because UC platforms are continuously providing system updates, if you have a device certified by the platform provider, you know that the feature set of your device will always grow with the latest tech capabilities and work with your platform, no matter what updates they deliver.

From voice pickup for meeting transcripts to on-device functionality like auto-answer, regular firmware upgrades maximize your efficiency and enable you to get the most productivity out of your meetings.

An added benefit for IT teams is the remote device management capabilities of certified devices. When UC platforms provide updates, you can update all devices immediately, no matter where they are.

In a hybrid world where teams are distributed between different locations, what would otherwise be a major IT challenge becomes a simple system update.

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Published On: 28th Sep 2021
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