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8×8 has announced its integration of 8×8 X Series with Google Cloud’s new Contact Centre AI, a solution that combines multiple AI products to improve the customer service experience, as well as the productivity of contact centres.

“Contact Centre AI empowers enterprises to use AI to augment and improve their contact centres,” said Rajen Sheth, Director of Product Management at Google.

“Google Cloud’s goal is to make the contact centre experience easy and efficient. By partnering with 8×8, we are able to deliver on that goal, as well as allow enterprises to maintain happy customers with faster call resolution.”

“We look forward to our continued partnership with 8×8 to enhance contact centre capabilities as technology and customer expectations evolve.”

8×8 X Series Contact Centre enables organisations to differentiate their customer experience in real time with advanced analytics, reporting and predictive dial.

Contact Centre AI (CCAI) is a simple, secure, and flexible solution that allows enterprises with limited machine learning expertise to deploy AI in their contact centres, including the 8×8 Virtual Agent.

8×8 Virtual Agent

Using a combination of 8×8 AI technology and Google CCAI, incoming calls on simple and routine questions (such as “what time will the repair technician arrive?” or “is part #7542 in stock?”) can be answered with an automated virtual agent without the need for a live agent.

This call deflection technology increases the efficiency of the call centre, often enabling 24/7 support, while reducing costs.

For end customers, the 8×8 Virtual Agent improves the customer experience, increasing first call resolution and reducing call wait times.

The virtual agent can also hand calls to a live agent, and with the Agent Assist feature, automatically supply the agent with articles and knowledge documents based on the conversation. This reduces call length and enhances the customer experience, ensuring customers don’t have to repeat their requests.

Dejan Deklich

“Improving efficiency and reducing call times are some of the most common contact centre pain points. Google AI together with 8×8 X Series Contact Centre enables our customers to leverage the latest AI technologies to enhance the overall experience of their end customers,” said Dejan Deklich, Chief Product Officer at 8×8.

“As a leader in contact centre and unified communications as a service, we are partnering with Google to put resources behind such an advanced solution.”

“Other vendors in our space are focused on chat, not on a unified approach. Google has the expertise and underlying technology and 8×8 brings telephony and contact centre expertise for a perfectly integrated solution.”

8×8 X Series with Google Contact Centre AI integration capabilities are in beta testing now.

To learn more about 8×8 X Series, visit: www.8×8.com/x-series

Author: Robyn Coppell

Published On: 12th Mar 2019
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