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Action Plans


was just wondering if anyone out here would have an effective “Action Plan” template that one could use for monitoring team and agent performace effectively.

any inputs are welcome on this and hope to see a very effective template which could increase over all agent / call centre productivity in teh long run

Question asked by Pushkar

Re: Action Plan

Action Plan 15 days

My first step would be to make an effort to understand my team and their abilities and to analyze whether they are in the right direction.
To check the goals required on the process and draft the Goal Sheet accordingly
Have to identify individual’s needs and to capitalize on there positives to build a strong platform.
Learning the pros and cons of the process.
Studying the previous performance reports and analyzing them.

Action Plan 30 days

Analyzing different reports to increase the team productivity which at times get affected by external factors other than adequate product / process knowledge like (Talk time / ACW / AUX Time etc.).
Constant refreshing session for product knowledge. Solving the queries and problems that agent faced with respect to anything in the organization (CAB / Caf / etc.)
Monitoring and barging the agents lacking behind.
Preparing the P.D.P (Personal Development Plan) sheet for all agents and assign target accordingly.
To act as Link between higher management and my Team mates to help them provide them a cordial environment to exhibit their skills

Action Plan 45 days

Sharing different information with the team other than process knowledge, so as to get over monotony and learning more about the industry and different culture by the mode of presentation etc.
Analyze the progress chart of the agents and understand the specific areas which need improvement and schedule training sessions accordingly
To suggest and implement prospective ideas in order to take the process to next level and help my to agents to grow not only in the process but at the same time in the organization
Increasing the target for agent working well over P.D.P. Whereas developing the rest of the agents by Best Practice Sharing.


With thanks to Stalin

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