Key Advantages of Global Number Testing

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Matthew Lawlor of Spearline discusses the benefits of ensuring high audio quality from your worldwide toll and toll-free numbers.

A decade ago, Spearline developed a unique approach to number testing and it continues to adapt the product for multinationals around the globe.

The tests have further developed in response to customers’ needs and they provide the best insight available into the audio quality experienced by the end-user.

This, in turn, reveals the quality of the networks, pathways, and carriers. So, what exactly do such number testing tools do and how and who do they help?

The best testing tools analyse audio quality right across the whole network from point of origin to termination. They test numbers terminating over different carriers in multiple locations.

These tools will have been been through millions upon millions of customer tests using multiple carriers worldwide, and the companies behind them will likely have data to compare a company’s performance against a benchmark.

Using Spearline as an example, its data set for benchmarking performance is unrivalled and, using an international standard PESQ (Perceptual Evaluation of Speech Quality) test, it can make a compelling case to the carrier when it comes to troubleshooting issues.

Too often tests are based on network analysis and make assumptions that if there is no packet loss, low latency, and jitter, then the audio that traverses that network will be of high quality.

Often, this is not the case and Spearline’s audio tests can help identify other issues, such as transcoding.

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Matthew Lawlor

With this in mind, these systems can help you to successfully connect with your customers and expand your reach by building stronger contacts.

In addition, these tools can help businesses to identify issues, but they also share advice on the standard of audio quality they can expect to reach and help them to achieve it.

Author: Robyn Coppell

Published On: 11th Sep 2019
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