Call Centre Helper Launches a New Questions Section

Have you got a call centre question to ask? Why not try out our new “Ask a Question” section.

A few weeks ago we launched our new website and we have now upgraded our Forum to a more modern platform.

Originally launched in May 2009, the Forum has been a staple section of our website as a place where you can ask and reply to questions.

The new section is a more modern way of getting the answers you want. With options such as:

  • Being able to vote for the best answers
  • Finding related questions as you type in yours
  • Set categories for questions
  • Plus, it has a more modern look and feel that goes hand in hand with our new website.

As part of our launch we are offering you the chance to win a £25 Amazon Gift Voucher.

Over the next 5 weeks, simply answer questions and each week we will pick the best answer and its writer will win the voucher.

Published On: 27th May 2016 - Last modified: 8th Jun 2016
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