Videocast: Call Centre Hints and Tips

We asked a number of award finalists for their call centre hints and tips.

The tips focus on a number of key parts of life in a contact centre:

  • Listening to your agents
  • Reviewing your processes
  • Your agents can come up with some of the best ideas
  • The importance of planning


  • Catherine Miles, Project Manager, The Contact Company
  • Juliette Brown, Operations Manager, Ai Claims, Blackpool
  • Julie Smith, Contact Centre Manager, HMRC, Cumbria

The videos were all filmed at the North West Contact Centre Awards in Manchester.

Published On: 9th Feb 2011 - Last modified: 23rd Sep 2019
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  1. I cannot access the video itself; is there a link here somewhere? I see just a white space under “Videocast: Call Centre Hints and Tips.”

    Mark 10 Feb at 4:16 pm
  2. I can’t see it either Mark. Is anyone else experencing problems or overcome them? Please let us know.

    zoe 12 Feb at 10:04 pm
  3. HI all,

    I’ve tried it under IE, Firefox and Opera using
    Win 7 and Vista. It’s rendering fine.

    Is there a chance you have some restriction
    regarding plug in’s?



    Dave 12 Feb at 11:47 pm
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