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Jonty interviews 2 call centre managers about reward and recognition for their staff.

Video Transcript


Hi I’m Jonty Pearce and welcome to the three-minute Call Centre Helper videocast.

In this edition we’re going to be looking at reward and recognition, and we asked two contact centre managers how they reward and recognize their employees.

Catherine Miles, Project Manager, The Contact Company

We offer various different types of reward, a lot of that is around recognition. So that’s both internally and working with our clients. But also it’s those things that people want to have, and one of the things that we found really works very well is asking our employees what they want.

And that can be anything from nights out with meals, through to vouchers. You know it’s not necessarily always about money, it’s about you know having a duvet day, leaving a little bit earlier, having a longer lunch. It’s all those things that make a difference to them as individuals.

Julie Smith, Contact Centre Manager, HM Revenue & Customs:

In terms of reward and recognition, obviously we like to recognize contributions from our advisors. Whether that’s in terms of improving the business, improving the customer experience, or indeed acting as role models themselves for our other advisors.

And we might reward our staff in terms of a general thank you from a senior manager, a certificate which might be presented on a certain official day, more of a ceremony, or we have a Stair Awards Board where we display somebody’s photo and name on our celebrating success board.

To support that recognition we also have a personal development and evaluation system which runs throughout the year and that really identifies people’s achievements and also their development needs as the year progresses.


It’s often said in one of the best recognitions you can do, one of the most cost-effective is just simple thank you for a job well done. How have we found that within your centre?


That really work works for our staff obviously people are motivated by different things and but that simple form of recognition really does pay off dividends in terms of morale, and motivation. And really generating that team success, and that team achievement. A general Thank You works really well.


And that’s it for this issue of the videocast. Thanks for being with us I’m Jonty Pearce editor of Call Centre Helper

Author: Jonty Pearce

Published On: 8th Dec 2010 - Last modified: 1st Feb 2022
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