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Forecasting basics video cover
Getting Started With Forecasting
How to Improve Forecast Accuracy video cover with Chris Dealy
How to Improve Forecast Accuracy
If it's a forecast it's wrong video cover
If It’s a Forecast – It’s Wrong
Empathy Statement Examples Video Cover Chris Mounce
4 Examples of Customer Service Empathy Statements
2024 Contact Centre Predictions
Expert Predictions: What Will 2024 Bring for Contact Centres?
Colin Mann video cover how to reduce queue time
Tips to Reduce Call Queue Time
Reducing and cutting cost concept with scissors with the word cost
How to Reduce the Cost to Serve by Removing Manual Tasks
What is Self-Service and Why Should Contact Centres Offer It?
Self-Service and Why Contact Centres Should Offer It
Video call screen with no video
“Your Camera Is Off” and Here’s Why It Shouldn’t Be
Teamwork and trust concept with paper people joined together holding gold star
Contact Centre Data You Can Trust
Empathy Statements Explained Video Cover
What’s the Difference Between Empathy and Sympathy?
Tips to Reduce Repeat Contacts Video Cover
Tips to Reduce Repeat Contacts
Social media and chat illustration
Get Up To Speed: The Latest on Messaging, Social Media, and Video
What are some tips for improving quality assurance (QA)? video cover
How to Improve Your QA
Why FCR Matters Video Cover
Why FCR Matters and How to Measure It
What are some Challenges to QA Video Cover
What Are Some Challenges to QA?
A person raising hand up on sunset sky at beach
Inspire Agents to Improve Their Performance
What is Quality Assurance and Why it Matters video cover
What Is QA and Why Does It Matter?
An analytics dashboard with charts, metrics and KPI to analyze performance
Agent Performance Tracking and the Best Metrics
top videos
The Top 20 Videos
Code illustration with the words how will chatgpt change the agent role and customer experience
How ChatGPT Will Change the Agent Role and CX
Getting EPIC Customer Service Right Video Cover
Getting EPIC Customer Service Right
Robot hand with the question what is the difference between chatgpt, llms and generative ai
The Difference Between ChatGPT, LLMs, and Generative AI
EPIC Customer Service Explained Video Cover
EPIC Customer Service Explained