Call Centre vs Switchboard

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Call Centre vs Switchboard

Is it possible to apply call centre principles in a switchboard environment.

Question asked by godfreysh

Different Disciplines

I always think they are different disciplines. I would be wary as switchboard operates as a conduit to route calls as quickly and professionally as possible. Whilst they act as a human IVR, they should not be saying a lot if they are doing a good job!!

Also, I think it depends on the equipment you are using… I ran the switchboard for our office and the Ops team for our CC. Couldn’t get any MI out of systems re call length, speed to answer etc. Quality monitoring was impossible because call lengths was approx. 12 seconds!!!!

With thanks to Coops


Yes, all of the things that apply in a call centre – good response times, quality, knowledge etc still apply, however the switchboard operator moves at such speed (as mentioned in the first post) that I am not sure how much you can inject into it.

We work closely between our customer care team (call centre) and our switchboard and I can see us starting to apply our customer service principles to them in the future, but in a limited form as the general need is for a speedy answer and a quick patch through to the right person!

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Quality Monitoring Becomes Very Difficult

After conducting some analysis, I would agree with Coops, Quality monitoring becomes very difficult. Relationship with customers does not exist at all.

With thanks to godfreysh

Author: Jonty Pearce

Published On: 12th Apr 2022 - Last modified: 20th Apr 2022
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