What are the Best Morale Boosting Games for the Call Centre?

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“We asked the question “Can you recommend any games that can be played in call centres to help increase morale?”.  Here are your replies.

“Rush hour (9 – 11 on a Monday morning) – maximise sales by offering rewards, sweets or ring a bell. Team competitions. Who can bring in the most sales before 9.00am. Bacon Butties for no sickness for a week. Team prize” – Susan Forrow, Performance Manager, Inkfish Call Centres Ltd

“For teams – each team has 10 balloons – each time a team makes a sale, they can pop one of the other teams’ balloons. Individually – each person has 3 balloons (a bit like the weakest link)” – Dave Fricker, Telecom Applications
“Rather than games to motivate people, I see more benefits coming from Involvement Lock In – e.g. Charity Committee. Agents present to a local charity. Charity visit to raise the money in different events and try and get people involved – i.e. Telethon and Comic Relief” – Adam Faulker, Sabio

“Using events such as the World Cup, Halloween and Christmas to link up with games. We put it back to the employees and let them design the games. Lots of companies give vouchers, but we ask our staff what they want rather than give them vouchers” – Lucy Moran, Eckoh Ltd

Any other ideas?

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We use prizes to motivate. It does not have to be flash things – I do a lucky dip, fill a black bag with shredded paper and fill with; pens, books,bubbles etc and for every 4 sales they get to luky dip. Competitions against other teams are good:- Pass the parcel, or a prize of getting offline for an hour always is a popular one.

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  • Take an object such as a board eraser or squishy ball to a team meeting. Pass the object to someone in the group and explain that it is to be passed to the person next to them and it must continue to move.They cannot. Manager turns their back a few seconds so you don’t see who has the object and then yells stop. The person holding the object then has to answer a question given such as ‘name 5 types of women’s shoes’, name 5 authors, or 5 kinds of sportscars, 5 vegetables or nuts.Just any kind of questions that they really have to think fast. The object stays with that person until the question is answered and the game continues. I have used this game on most of my teams and they always love it. If someone gets stuck with an answer, the rest of the team helps out. It builds team work and helps to cope with pressure.

    Patricia 9 Nov at 16:48
  • Corporate chess, is another very good game, it’s normal chess except that every one has one move a day and can play with any colour he wants and can change sides if he/she wants to it helps for quick choices, memory, concentration and adaptation, it also gives the idea that even if you don’t see a team member often that doesn’t meen he/she is not around working with you to achieve a specific goal…

    try it out

    harvey 5 Mar at 10:56
  • Very nice games..actually I work in collections.we charge cell phone bills over the phone,so I dont know if some one can help me find a game with collection!!

    Fernando 16 Jun at 07:07
  • At MPI we’ve put together a book of motivational games. This week we’ve played bean bag toss into a coffee can, putt putt for dollars, knock out (dry eraser board game, not boxing), Movie clip video, and Larry, Curly & Moe.
    Larry, Curly, & Moe is easy. Write down a bonus amount on a 3 X 5 card, staple it closed so it cannot be read from the outside, and every time a rep achieves a goal i.e sale, collection, appointment etc they call out the name of one of the Stooges. At a set time unknown to the reps, the contest ends and the winners open up the card to see the prize they won. We sometimes substitute managers names or athletes names instead of Larry, Curly, Moe.

    Steven Boring 1 Sep at 16:40
  • ‘BINGO’ is a great way to motivate teams. Each time someone gets a sale/lead (or achieves daily target) then they choose a Bingo Ball out of a box with a number on it. Each ball/number is assigned a prize which they win immediately. Prizes are best kept at around £2.00 or £3.00 ranging from DVD’s to Small bottles of wine. Prizes should be displayed as this provides additional visial motivation for the entire team.

    Michael Cotchobos 7 Feb at 12:20
  • I work in a call-center-ish environment, we played a game in which we divided up into teams and created a mascot, a name and the team who recieved the most appointments, transfers or both at the end of an amount of time to be determined i.e. (a month) got a pizza party.

    Crystal Craig 26 Oct at 20:21
  • “Motivating With Sales Contests” by David L. Worman has a variety of games to use in call centers. I use some games as written and adapt others to fit our situation.

    Judy Krause 13 Feb at 16:28