Cnect Wales Celebrates 20 Years in Business

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Cnect Wales (formally the Welsh Contact Centre Forum Ltd) is celebrating its 20th year in business.

This Major milestone reinforces the key role Cnect Wales has had within Wales’ service sector and the team will be marking the achievement with a series of activities throughout the year, including a summer party for friends of the company.

Established in 2004 as the first employer-led forum, the WCCF offered strategic help and support for Wales’ contact centres.

As the service industry has evolved, so has the organisation, under the direction of Sandra Busby. In 2023, the WCCF rebranded to Cnect Wales to represent the forum’s wider service offering and the diversity of its members.

With over 350 members, Cnect Wales represents the interests of a wide variety of employers across the industry including Contact Centres, Shared Service Centres and businesses with centralised functions in Wales.

The services and support that Cnect offers its members ranges from training and education to research and advice.

Founder and Managing Director of Cnect Wales, Sandra Busby said:

“Welsh businesses and contact centres have undergone significant changes since 2004, driven by advancements in technology, changes in customer expectations, and shifts in business strategies. We have seen a substantial shift towards digitalization and automation which has led to increased efficiency, scalability and personalised customer service.

Customer experience has become a top priority for businesses and leveraging data and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies has become the norm as businesses seek to gain deeper insights into customer behaviour and agent performance in order to take their service levels to the next level.

Throughout this shift, thee common thread that has remained at the heart of the industry is colleagues and customers. Our mission is to be at the heart of Customer and Talent solutions in Wales by Connecting Networks and Expertise, Customers and Talent.

Cnect Wales has supported its members throughout this evolution, offering training on the latest technologies and advancements, working groups for leaders and managers to share best practice, bespoke workshops to upskill employees at all levels and ongoing consultancy.”

With unrivalled experience of the service industry in the UK, Europe and worldwide, Cnect Wales will be marking their 20th anniversary throughout the year with a range of activities, events and will dedicate their annual awards to the achievement.

Sandra added:

“We are proud of what we have achieved over the last 20 years from the work we do with unemployed and those who find it hard to break into employment to the opportunities we have provided to 300 graduates through our Award-Winning Graduate Programmes.

We are proud to continue to serve our members and the wider industry by offering both operational and strategic support and direction.

We wouldn’t be where we are today without their support so, I would like to thank our members, suppliers, and our board for their continued support of Cnect Wales.”

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Published On: 8th Apr 2024 - Last modified: 10th Apr 2024
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