The Role of a Customer Engagement Manager

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Customer Engagement Manager John Joe Barry sheds some light about his daily activities at Spearline.

As a Customer Engagement (CE) Manager, “We want to help our customers ensure that their own customers have a positive experience when they interact with their support/sales teams via their voice channels.”

However, things don’t always go smoothly in today’s complex networks, and problems often occur.

A Customer Engagement Manager’s daily routine is never a quiet one. CE Manager JJ Barry shed some light about his daily activities at Spearline. “We always want to ensure that our customers are proactive and vigilant in managing their voice services”.

Regular status meetings and planning sessions fill up much of JJ’s mornings. Fueled by a cup or two of coffee, JJ works in partnership with his customers, always planning to achieve key network performance goals, and helping to build a stronger network.

When talking about his typical day, JJ described the role of a CE Manager as “multifaceted” and “dynamic”. JJ and his teammates are industry experts, with knowledge and insights that are crucial to ensuring your communications infrastructure performs at the highest levels.

As a primary contact, the CE Manager provides guidance on best practices, assists you with the reporting and analytics that identify issues and trends, and help you address key pain points.

“Our goal, when it comes to telecoms, is to enable our customers to get ahead of events that would impact on their own customer experiences.”

Customers never have to fear about lengthy troubleshooting times or unresolved issues spreading like wildfire. CE Managers are at your service for any queries. Detailed analytics, call-detail-records (CDR’s), and event recordings provide forensic detail to support incident management and corrective action.

JJ notes that “we’re a customer-centric company who really values our customers and strives to provide a level of support that meets their individual needs.”

Like a megaphone dialled up to 11, CE Managers also act as “the voice of the customer”, understanding unique challenges and use-cases, and working with Spearline’s support and development talents to provide solutions.

Communications processes have unique needs with dependencies not only on connectivity and voice quality, but also on other characteristics such as CLI presentation and DTMF transmission.

“We are totally focused on helping our customers provide exceptional service and support in the markets they serve by driving continuous improvement in their key communications channels.”

Customer satisfaction is always the number priority of a CE Manager, and it’s something JJ excels at.

Published On: 12th May 2021
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