Defining a Positive Customer Experience

To paraphrase that old adage about art: I may not know much about customer experience, but I know what I like.

As professionals in the contact centre business, we know a thing or two about customer experience because we live and breathe it every day. We would generally agree, I think, that customer experience is commonly described in terms of our customers’ personal opinions about their interactions.

So, the simple definition of a positive customer experience might include delivering a service that leaves customers with a feeling of having been heard, of having received satisfactory resolution of an issue, and of thinking that, yes, they just might recommend us to a few friends.

But the full definition of a positive customer experience is much more nuanced because it must take into consideration both the customer and business sides of the equation – the employees and technology in place that actually enable the delivery of effective interactions. This is as well as voice of customer analysis and reporting that make it possible to gain insight into customer expectations.

WFO Video Series

What defines a positive customer experience? This is the first question asked in OpenText’s 2017 Video Series speakers, and for his part, Keith Dawson maintains that there are in fact two components to customer experience:

1. What the customer perceives
2. What impact it has on the business

Listen to what Keith has to say about the importance of “tangible business benefit” in understanding what defines a positive customer experience.

While you’re at it, hear how the other Video Series speakers define what they mean by a positive customer experience. You might find that your own definition of a positive customer experience is confirmed… or perhaps tested and ultimately broadened.

In all, OpenText’s speakers answer eight important questions about driving awareness of the contact centre within your organisation and explain why this should be of interest to every contact centre agent, supervisor, manager and executive.

So, when you have a few moments, be sure to hear how our panel of experts answered all of these questions:

  • What defines a positive customer experience?
  • Why should customer experience be a top enterprise goal?
  • How can the contact centre be positioned as a leader in customer experience?
  • How can the contact centre align with the top priorities of executive leadership?
  • What’s the best way to coordinate contact centre goals with other business units?
  • What performance goals resonate most with executive leadership?
  • What other tools demonstrate contact centre impact to the executive team?
  • What are some lessons learned about reporting to the executive team?

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Published On: 20th Mar 2017 - Last modified: 22nd Mar 2017
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