Every CSR in a Customer Service Centre Uses a Headset – And That’s the Challenge

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Each day, without even really thinking about it, every customer service representative (CSR) in your company relies on one essential tool to do their job effectively: a headset.

A well-functioning headset enables them to hear and be heard clearly, and present the company they’re representing in a professional, agreeable way.

Of course, most CSRs don’t think twice about their headset when it’s performing as expected. But as soon as a setting needs to be adjusted, they notice it, right away. So does the customer who’s calling in.

And so does the IT Help Desk.

IT is responsible for hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of headset users company-wide, with no easy way to know how many or what types of headsets are being used. No easy way to update headsets with the latest firmware. And no easy way to make adjustments, except to run around from user to user to provide the service they need.

But there is a better way to manage, monitor, and maintain headsets without the runaround.

Plantronics Manager Pro is a cloud-based headset management tool that enables IT departments to accurately track inventory, and schedule and deploy firmware updates whenever needed. The result is effortless management of headsets for IT departments.

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Published On: 13th Jul 2016 - Last modified: 6th Feb 2019
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