Forget music on hold, let’s make money!

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In a tight economic climate, businesses need to take every opportunity they can to make money.  Bradford-based Affordable Digital Solutions Ltd (ADSL) has highlighted a novel way to help businesses do just that – by turning their ‘on-hold facility’ into a bang up-to-date sales message.

Damien Rawnsley, director of ADSL explains: “Many companies don’t realise that instead of Mantovani or Mozart – which tend to drive people mad – they could be telling customers about their latest special offers and driving sales whilst customers are waiting. More than that, our evidence is that some local companies just don’t realise that they can use the on-hold facility to drive their business.”

A recent survey of Bradford-area businesses shows that a staggering 65% are not using their on-hold facility at all – with callers listening to the sound of silence or a beep.  Adds Damien: “This is a sure way of ensuring customers quickly lose interest and hang up.”   A further 10% of local businesses are using their music on hold facility but again ADSL advise this could be put to better use.  Comments Damien: “Maximising sales is what the current economic climate is all about so switching  from banal music on hold to a positive sales message will help drive precious sales.”

Some 25% of local businesses have recognised the opportunity and are using their on-hold facility to communicate a sales message.  “But,” adds Damien, “these tend to be the local unit of a well know brand or chain – independent local businesses need to wise up to this opportunity.”

Ice cream jingles

The whole concept of ‘music on hold’ initially came from ice cream jingles – themselves a call to drive sales. The early carts used bells to announce the arrival of the van in the street and as technology developed so did the sound. Now the classic sound of the chimes is what people would recognise as meaning ice cream has arrived! Adds Damien: “Putting a sales message on your music on hold facility amounts to the same thing – tell your customers your latest news or a message that customers will find interesting and helpful and you’ll maximise sales.  There is also less chance of a call being abandoned whilst on hold.”

ADSL provides telecom solutions for all types of businesses, large and small, and employs around 100 people at its South Bradford headquarters.  A system incorporating the facility to record a message for people on hold can cost less than you think!

Author: Jo Robinson

Published On: 24th Sep 2008 - Last modified: 11th Sep 2019
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  • Nice words from Damien Rawnsley; it’s a shame he didn’t tell us that we’ll be fleeced for thousands of pounds for a telephone system worth a few hundred so that we can play our music on hold message.

    At least they’ve now gone into administration.

    Shame they started up the next day under the name of Chilli Telecom – same address – same staff – same lies.

    If you must do business with this company, please ask a solicitor to be present when their salesman calls. It will save you a fortune in the long run.

    Mr Ali 8 Aug at 02:29
  • Next thing you know, Chilli will be trying to harrass you for payment of ADSL’s annual maintenance contracts, even if you previously gave appropriate written notice to ADSL to cancel the contract. But don’t bother phoning them or e-mailing them – they don’t bother responding. A bit like ADSL.

    Mr Cook 3 Dec at 19:43