How Customer Service Training Software Improves Workflow

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Lucy Phillips at EvaluAgent looks at how customer service training software improves workflow.

Improving it for the customer service agents within your business is something that you should be committed to at all times.

With more and more companies going online, your customer service agents become the mouthpiece of your business and may be the only direct interaction that your customers have during their experience with your company. Ensuring that agents can work efficiently directly leads to a better customer interaction.

There are numerous benefits to improving the workflow of your employees and these will quickly filter down to improve the experience of the customers themselves.

From increased productivity and connectivity, to a reduction in errors and an ability to better multitask, customer service agent training software can have far reaching effects.

How Can Call Centre Agent Training Be Improved?

Call centre agent training can often be radically improved in a few simple steps. Improving the workflow of customer service agents via training software is a key element of the overall process.

By providing customer service agents with the tools they need to improve it, you can expect to see an increase in productivity and efficiency – saving both time and money.

Employees who receive high quality training will also be more equipped to perform well and experience higher job satisfaction.


It’s essential that your customer service agents are all fully trained in, and confident using, the software that you use.

Providing your employees with software to use is excellent and can help them to organise and manage calls at every step. Yet it’s essential that customer service agents are confident working with the software and have the knowledge and expertise to be able to use it effectively.

Any training given should be followed up with real-time role-play situations where skills can be practised and consolidated.

In order to improve the workflow of customer service agents, you’ll want to ensure that they are all confident in elements of call centre software including:

  • Transferring calls between departments
  • Adding in additional callers to existing calls
  • Muting and unmuting themselves during a conversation

Whether it’s customer service agent training software, or other software that you use within your company, it’s vital that your employees know how to use it properly.

Investing in software goes hand in hand with investing in training. Just as you want employees to undergo training upon joining your company, you should also make sure that you regularly schedule top-up sessions for any new updates and features added to software packages.

Teach Correct Call Etiquette

Call centre agent training must always include teaching any customer service agents the correct call etiquette to use when speaking to customers.

Equipping your employees with a clear guide to the correct etiquette will allow them to communicate efficiently and politely at all times, increasing customer satisfaction.

It is highly likely that your customer service agents will be dealing with customers who are frustrated, worried or even angry at the situation they are in – your employees must be able to conduct a call that will resolve issues effectively.

It is extremely important that customer service agents are aware of their position as a representative of your business – the way that they speak and interact with a customer could directly affect the reputation of the company.

Important aspects of correct call etiquette include:

  • Communicating in a courteous manner at all times, treating customers with the utmost respect
  • Avoiding interrupting the customer at all times to ensure that they feel listened to and understood
  • Maintaining a high level of professionalism with every call
  • Presenting an understanding and empathetic approach to any frustrations or requests that the customer may have.

Shadow Senior Members of Staff

Shadowing senior members of staff can be a really effective way to train call service agents alongside other approaches such as coaching 1-2-1s.

By watching members of staff at a higher level and understanding how they operate efficiently and successfully, agents will be able to see first-hand examples of good customer service.

Senior members of staff should be willing and open to take the time to discuss any questions that customer service agents may have, and to share the knowledge that they have gained with their increased experience.

Creating an open dialogue across all levels of your business will enable call service agents to have access to those with expertise that can help them in their day-to-day roles.

Set Clear Objectives

In most businesses, call centre agent training can be improved dramatically by laying out clear objectives for each individual to aim for.

Objectives should use language that is widely understood by customer service agents and avoid unfamiliar terminology or confusing sentence structures.

Focusing on a small number of clear objectives can be a really effective way of training customer service agents and enabling them to improve their workflow. Better trained and more efficient employees will lead to satisfied existing customers and the potential for increased new business.

Clear Feedback

With customer service agent training software you’ll get instant access to calls – enabling you to provide feedback to agents and review examples of how calls can be improved or adapted.

Gaining maximum access to data from the calls that your customer service agents are involved in is the first step in being able to provide clear feedback for them to work on and improve from.

Wherever possible, feedback should contain facts and figures – both of which can be gained from the insights you have access to when using training software.

You can offer your customer service agents examples of how long customers were on hold for, how many times they were interrupted during a conversation or whether the call was followed up.

It’s really important for customer service agents to understand the value of feedback in training. Feedback should always be viewed as something that can be used positively: either offering insights into examples of excellent customer service, or providing information about where to improve upon in the future.

As you can see, there are some quick and simple ways to dramatically increase and improve the workflow of customer service agents.

We believe that a great employee experience is the key to being able to offer a great customer experience. Ensuring that customer service agents are working at optimum efficiency and receiving all the training that they require is a top priority for us and for you.

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Published On: 27th Feb 2023
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