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When you think of virtual call centre software, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Perhaps a video game where you can feverishly chase down leads like Pidgeys in Pokémon Go? Or magic sunglasses that make everything 3D?

We tie the word virtual to more and more technologies in different industries, and the contact centre world is no exception.

FOMO – Fear of Missing Opportunity

Nearly half of contact centres are no longer manually dialling and have gone virtual, but why? Because the benefits and capabilities gained transform the way these businesses serve, sell and operate. In other words, virtual contact centres are doing better.

In fact, it’s been shown that contact centres operating in a hosted environment have a 27% lower cost of customer attrition and 36% less downtime than their on-premise counterparts.

Suddenly feel like you’re missing out? That’s ok, as it’s simple to jump on board. You’ll be amazed by what going ‘virtual’ can do for your contact centre.

Virtual? Cloud? What’s the difference?

Virtual call centre software is really just another word for cloud-based contact centre software. Using VoIP technology, it brings together all the features of a powerful PBX phone system into one centralised, online platform, increasing productivity and accelerating sales.

Essentially, it’s nudging manual dialling and its headaches out of the picture and reducing its presence in the industry – about time.

The killer difference between a manual and virtual call centre is the number of manual tasks that are automated. It means a big change for your agents and their daily routine.

No headaches, it’s smiles all round

With low set-up costs, no software to install, or need for additional hardware, virtual makes running a contact centre faster, cheaper and more transparent than ever.

Accessible 24/7, from anywhere with an internet connection, it has also done away with the need for networked computers. By going virtual, its given contact centres some pretty awesome new capabilities such as real-time analytical reporting and the ability to route calls to your most skilled agents.

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