Interview with Technical Solutions Architects About Number Testing

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Ola Budak, Technical Solutions Architect at Spearline, recently sat down with some colleagues to share some interesting things about number testing.

Could you tell us briefly about your background?

I was working in customer services for more than a decade with a nice mixture of everything, which included reporting, forecasting, QA, technical etc. before joining Spearline.

What does your role as Technical Solutions Architect involve?

I am involved in the pre-sales process, as well as assisting all teams (BDMs, CEs, Devs, Products) and existing customers, from training to tests configuration and drafting specifications.

Could you tell us a few key advantages of your role.

Some of the key advantages of my role would be knowing the platform inside out and being an expert on Spearline’s full range of products and services.

Other key advantages are getting to work with all the different teams and departments in the company, the ever-evolving dynamics of the role, and the best part is the satisfaction of when we are the first to identify the issue and to hear that the customer resolved it successfully.

How is Spearline testing different from other similar companies?

  • We have a dedicated 24/7 support team and CEM
  • Spearline benchmark so you can fairly compare how your numbers are performing
  • Organizations have access to the numbers and full control of how they want to test
  • As a customer, you have live time alerting – never miss a fail, and react right away
  • No hardware installation – big testing possibilities with no hassle
  • Constant coverage expansion – Spearline currently has servers in 67 countries.

Could you explain further why testing is important?

Let’s imagine a number is not accessible due to capacity at the same time every day and customers cannot reach out to it.

This issue can be easily missed as the customer may never complain because they may never call this number again and, as a result, they will never use your service.

If you proactively monitor the performance of your numbers you will know before your customers notice and you are able to fix the issue faster.

Orla Budak

Ola Budak

You will then deliver excellent and error-free services. Spearline enables you to improve and transform global telecommunications to a higher level so SLA / QoS within global networks are constantly reaching high standards.

What test types do you offer?

We have a wide range of test types available. You can measure starting from connection, quality, outbound.

Loads of scenarios are available to simulate the customer experience.

We listen to our customers and are innovative – so tell us what you need and we will aim to deliver it.

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Author: Robyn Coppell

Published On: 18th Oct 2019 - Last modified: 25th Jan 2023
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