Poly Discuss the Future of the “Workplace Experience”

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Poly introduce a webinar on the topic of creating a new “workplace experience” for remote employees, in the interest of improving customer experience.

Should I stay or should I go?

Oh, if only life were as simple as the lyrics of a song… Sadly, nothing seems to be simple any more.  The office – that place where we used to spend up to 23% of our time, where we built relationships, chatted, dreamed, oh yeah, and did some work as well. Today, the office just isn’t what it used to be.

So, why can’t we just make it simple – continue working at home? There’s no doubt that for some people it’s an ideal solution – no commute, fewer distractions, and greater agency over where to live.

However, for many people, working from home is problematic for reasons, such as they don’t have a dedicated workspace, the technology doesn’t work as well, the kids are running around, or because home can be a lonely place.

Most organizations want their teams back in the office, but this is a high-stakes, complex issue. This is because employers are concerned and they don’t know how to get people back in the office safely and effectively. They know the office is incredibly important in driving organizational culture and that employees value the social interactions, visibility, and team camaraderie the office brings.

There isn’t a simple solution, this is business as unusual.

By following the link below, you can listen to Tim Oldman from Leesman Index, Kate Brouse from the National Telecommuting Institute and Richard Kenny from Poly engage in an expert discussion on how to secure that better customer experience by focusing on the new workspace experience, wherever and whatever that may be.

To listen to the recording of the discussion, click here!

Author: Robyn Coppell

Published On: 6th Aug 2020 - Last modified: 11th Aug 2020
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