RingCentral Reveals Platform Innovations to Embrace Hybrid Work

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RingCentral has announced new capabilities that will help organisations to bring together their preferred apps and services with a cloud-based business communications platform. The result is a solution customised to the specific needs of a company and its people working in a hybrid world.

Making it easy to connect their preferred apps and services, these new enhancements include helping developers to build with RingCentral’s platform, as well as announcing a range of new Independent Software Vendor (ISV) partnerships.

“In a hybrid world, customers want to integrate their existing apps and services with their business communications platform. This helps them to run and grow their business while empowering their people to work from anywhere,” said Nat Natarajan, executive vice president of Products and Engineering at RingCentral.

“This is why we’ve built an open platform that makes it easy to integrate existing and new apps with our messaging, phone, and video capabilities all built on the cloud. We are helping customers to build customised workflows for their end users, helping them to effectively work from anywhere.”

New APIs

IT organisations and users want to break down the different silos of data which require apps to integrate with one another, providing a unified experience for users. In order to do so organisations are spending millions of dollars to create custom solutions and differentiate their offerings. At RingCentral, we are focused on building a composable enterprise that enables organisations to integrate and create apps that work the way they want.

RingCentral provides customers with three different ways to access its open platform. . These include:

  • No Code – Fastest, feature rich, pre-built apps, accessible via the RingCentral App Gallery
  • Low Code – Balanced flexibility for developers,minimum coding, such as embeddable widgets
  • Pro Code – Maximum flexibility, SDK support, over 500 APIs across products

The new APIs RingCentral is announcing today include Call performance analytics and Audit trail.

According to Zeus Kerravala of ZK Research, “A wide range of application vendors have invested in low code and no code API platforms to enable the next generation composable enterprise.

This enables organisations to innovate and adapt quickly to changing business needs through the assembly and combination of packaged business capabilities. With RingCentral’s latest communications APIs, organisations have the ability to create customised solutions, tailored to the rapidly evolving user demands.”

Call performance analytics API (public beta): The call performance API, currently in public beta, enables users to gather detailed calling and communications data to build a comprehensive analytics report, which can be tailored and customised to suit their needs.

The API enables users to ensure proper capacity planning against call volume, optimal call handling with vital call stats such as answering time and holds, lastly centralised insights to sync data to external tools and merge with Business Intelligence for a complete understanding of calls.

Audit trail API (public beta): With the audit trail API, users have access to enterprise functionality to track system configuration changes and successful or failed logins to determine any breakages that need to be addressed. Users have the ability to query and sync log records your way, and perform compliance and anomaly detection.

New Integrations

Last quarter RingCentral announced RingCentral Add-ins, which brings the applications users depend on into the RingCentral App, giving them a rich, embedded experience.

From streamlining signatures to capturing engineering tasks, customers can have an interactive app experience directly within their messaging app, without toggling between multiple screens and applications. RingCentral Add-ins is experiencing rapid momentum and has new integrations ready for customers in Q4 with applications such as: GitHub, Bugsnag, Trello, and Akazio.

Also coming in Q4 is a new customer agent and sales integration with Hubspot, where users can quickly click to dial, view call disposition, automatically log calls and more without having to leave their Hubspot environment.

New ISV partners

RingCentral now has several new partners who have joined the company’s ISV program. Through RingCentral’s ISV partner program, the company extends offerings to partners by offering them lead retrievals, co-selling opportunities, internal team education, and customer awareness.

As a result of expanding the opportunities offered through the ISV partner program, ISVs are applying to join RingCentral’s ISV program. The new ISV partners who have joined the program include Akazio, Chili Piper, Enable.us, Keeper, Kustomer, and Liquid Voice.

The RingCentral Open Platform continues to gain momentum with 60,000 developers and 6,500 and growing custom applications built on the open platform.

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Published On: 15th Oct 2021
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