Rule 2: Don’t Make Your Customers Wait

Why leave them waiting?

If your customers are phoning you, texting you, mailing you and some have even gone to the lengths of visiting you and are standing there looking at you, then it is a fair bet that they want something.

Rule 1 is to prioritise the work, but prioritising it isn’t enough, you can prioritise it all you like and still have a whacking great big queue.

Queues are bad

If you have a whacking great big queue, one of only two things will happen:

  1. Your customers will call you again, and again and again, and your queue will get bigger and bigger and bigger, and your customers will get angrier and angrier and angrier and it will cost you more and more and more to fix it — If you haven’t picked up the subtext, this is bad.
  2. Your customers will take their business elsewhere — This is worse.

Kill the queue

And then — better still — find out what caused it so it doesn’t happen again. But please don’t ignore it, that is the management equivalent of sticking your head in the sand.

Rule 2: Don’t make your customers wait

If all else fails, get your wallet out. This is what overtime was invented for. Just do it quick, unless of course you like paying for overtime and have a very big wallet.

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Published On: 15th Jun 2015 - Last modified: 13th Nov 2018
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