Serenova Unveils All-New Agent Experience in CxEngage

Serenova have unveiled a completely new, modern agent interface named Skylight, which helps its agents deliver even more efficient service to customers and increases overall agent productivity.

The new web-based interface, included in the latest release of CxEngage, provides native email, social, messaging, chat, voice and customer contact management to the agent in a more intuitive interface. This also includes an interaction panel designed to support multiple interactions on a variety of channels simultaneously, and a simplified workspace with fewer screens an agent must manage to service each customer.

Simply put, Skylight increases agent efficiency and puts insights and intelligence at the fingertips of each customer service agent to personalize the customer experience throughout their journey.

One of the biggest frustrations agents face within today’s contact centers is dealing with technology that is outdated, inflexible, and cumbersome. Agents need to know that their contact center platform can keep up with their business—anywhere, anytime.

As organisations continue to deal with customers that expect always-on customer service, it is important that agents have a single view into the history around each customer’s needs and concerns and the context so they are empowered to make decisions quickly.

Through its data-driven insights, Skylight for CxEngage delivers fluid experiences that agents are empowered to have a direct impact on driving superior customer and business outcomes.

“Our mission at Serenova is to facilitate more meaningful outcomes in customer service and the very core of that mission is to simplify how the agent engages, interacts and addresses each customer,” said Vasili Triant, CEO of Serenova.

“That’s really what customer service should be all about – a smooth and easy process. We designed Skylight to greatly enhance our customers’ ability to focus more attention on their customer while simultaneously reducing the amount of time an agent spends looking up information, which can have a direct impact on both agent satisfaction and customer loyalty.”

Skylight provides customers with new features and benefits in CxEngage, including:

  • A dashboard that acts as a “command center” for the agent to talk, text, chat, and email customers with the necessary analytics, scripting, and performance statistics to help guide them throughout their day.
  • A channel-agnostic interface that allows the agent to manage multiple interactions with multiple customers through any channel they require.
  • Contact management that maintains interaction history including chat and email transcripts so agents have visibility and insights into each customer’s journey.
  • Ability to customise layouts, attributes and fields in a way that makes sense for each organizations’ and agents’ daily needs for improved productivity.
  • Enhanced processes and workflows as well as scripting for each customer interaction to reduce the time to first call resolution.
  • Real-time insights into each agents’ performance and contact center statistics embedded directly into the interface to improve quality service levels.

“We launched CxEngage last year with a vision of enabling simpler, brighter customer interactions at scale,” said Baker Johnson, SVP of Marketing at Serenova.

“This release further delivers on that vision by providing agents with an elegant and intuitive unified desktop offering full context into the customer journey without ever having to toggle to a CRM or any other screen. And, of course, fewer applications means agents are more efficient, productive and happy – and that can only be good for your customers.”

With the introduction of CxEngage last year, Serenova has made significant progress in redefining the customer experience.

CxEngage was built from the ground up to change and simplify how the contact centre is delivered in the enterprise.

Built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), CxEngage provides a level of scalability to solve for complex global deployments, and its command and control architecture is a disruptive technological advantage.

Designed so that calls never leave the PBX, CxEngage allows businesses to realise a significant reduction in call latency, improved call quality and up to a 50% savings in telco fees by controlling the interaction with API calls to the PBX rather than routing them back and forth through the contact center.

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Published On: 24th Mar 2017 - Last modified: 29th Apr 2019
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