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Digital transformation (DX) is redrawing the entire contact centre map. One of the most disruptive DX trends is the shift to a seamless omnichannel customer experience (CX).

Increasingly, customers (we’re looking at you, millennials) are choosing WebRTC avenues for sales and support before they even consider making a call to a contact centre.

These new, interconnected WebRTC communications channels are vulnerable to all the usual web demons; breakages, outages, latency, jitter, etc.

Maintaining these connected, multimedia, customer experiences requires a continuous loop of real-time WebRTC testing and WebRTC RTC monitoring. Let’s take a look at the many ways WebRTC monitoring and WebRTC testing make the DX journey a more pleasant ride.

Greasing the Wheels

Real-time WebRTC monitoring and real-time WebRTC testing solutions, like those available through Spearline’s testRTC platform, ensure that issues are detected and dealt with before they impact CX. Let’s take a closer look at the role of WebRTC monitoring solutions in advancing the DX cause.

Remote Environments

The explosion of remote working has meant that contact centres striving to provide a unified omnichannel service have had to contend with a multitude of disparate service providers, routers, and home networks, all impacting their ability to develop quality, connected WebRTC customer relationships.

Our qualityRTC WebRTC monitoring and testing service, carries out a battery of configurable tests that enable contact centre agents to easily understand users’ network configurations.

Entirely customizable, qualityRTC integrates with your backend infrastructure and preferred workflow to deliver a full, self-service diagnostic directly to your own, personal dashboard.


Testing your ability to scale is not arrogance, it is a critical component of your contact centre strategy and something that is better done early rather than waiting for something to go wrong; by then it may be too late to do much about it.

End-to-end, scalable performance testing like Spearline’s testRTC WebRTC testing solutions can help to shore up your scalability defenses in the following ways:

  • By monitoring and testing your server stability under pressure
    • Checking for leaks
    • Watching for slow downs
  • By testing for latency issues when more callers are present
  • By watching for packet loss during times of expansion
  • By monitoring bitrate when more browsers are introduced
    • Testing whether bitrate loss is linear or exponential

Real-Time Performance

As we mentioned already, continuous, real-time WebRTC monitoring and testing is crucial to the success of any contact center WebRTC endeavors.

WebRTC monitoring and testing solutions, such as our own, automated testingRTC tool should perform the following tests to determine real-time WebRTC performance:

  • WebRTC stress tests
    • Simulate Load, sizing and stresses on your application.
  • Regression testing
    • Validate your service on a regular basis through continuous integration or on demand
  • Performance testing
    • Measure key WebRTC metrics.
  • Network testing
    • Test your WebRTC application across different network conditions


Once the development, scalability, and real-time performance checks are in place you might think you are all set. The truth is, you can never let your guard down with WebRTC .

With so many moving parts outside of your control, like browser and network updates and outages, contact centre WebRTC requires constant, careful attention.

Ongoing, passive WebRTC monitoring services like our own watchRTC, facilitate round the clock, real-time monitoring of your WebRTC application. Continuous, passive monitoring using watchRTC means issues are spotted immediately and can be addressed quickly using the wealth of granular data our tool collects.

Our early warning alert system uses the data watchRTC collects to set thresholds and notification parameters on usage and quality, giving you ample warning of any issues that might affect your service.

Real-World Insights

The data collected by real-time WebRTC monitoring services such as watchRTC is a crystal ball into your customers’ experience with your contact centre’s WebRTC service. watchRTC collects every morsel of functional data, bubbling up important notifications based on the alerting parameters you have set.

Without compromising privacy, watchRTC provides a window into network conditions and quality of service that is indispensable for service planning and future expansion.

Across the Line

There is increasing pressure on contact centres to be all things to all people: a sales channel, a service channel, a face-to-face, multimedia support, a conduit to responsive social media relationships.

No matter which channel of communication your user chooses, they expect a unified customer experience that reflects a single brand identity. It’s a lot, but with real-time WebRTC monitoring services and WebRTC testing tools like our own suite of services, it’s completely achievable.

By automating your WebRTC monitoring, you can be sure that your customers are receiving the clean, connected customer experience they have come to expect from the modern contact centre.

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Published On: 10th Oct 2022
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