TechStyle Implement AI Self-Service Solution

NICE inContact have announced the business results that TechStyle Fashion Group have achieved with their CXone AI Self-Service Solution.

The solution included an integrated SmartAction Omni-bot, which improved operational efficiency, enhanced the customer experience and reduced operational costs.

SmartAction’s Omni-bot provides conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) voice and digital self-service and is available on CXexchangemarketplace featuring ready-to-use applications designed to integrate with NICE inContact CXone.

TechStyle Fashion Group — owner and operator of JustFab, Fabletics, Fabkids, and ShoeDazzle brands — is an online subscription fashion retailer that offers a personalised shopping experience based on members’ fashion preferences.

The company had been offering conversational voice self-service for several months but wanted to offer a similar self-service experience in their fastest growing channel: chat.

Before implementing the CXone AI Self Service Solution, chats were directly routed to a live chat agent without any authentication or self-service features. This caused spikes in volume and made it difficult to staff appropriately, especially considering the cyclical nature of the business. TechStyle needed a way to ease the stress on forecasting and staffing.

To meet the challenge, TechStyle launched its Chatbot, which uses SmartAction integrated with CXone, to achieve the following benefits:

  • $1.1 million in savings for 2017 (calculated per agent reduction, average handle time decrease, and containment)
  • 18.5% overall containment average, meaning fewer calls to live agents
  • 45 second reduction in average handle time
  • 77% Member Satisfaction, consistent with historical averages

The successful implementation of TechStyle’s Chatbot delivers omnichannel self-service as well as blended live agent interactions for members.

In addition to reducing calls to agents for transactional and traditionally self-service issues, the chatbot’s proactive, context-inclusive hand-off of more complex chat sessions to live agents enabled quicker resolutions.

As a result, members now have 24/7 availability to self-service features like checking on the status of an order, billing questions and skipping a month.

The company also maintained a 77% member satisfaction survey score, consistent with historical Member Satisfaction survey (MSAT) scores, and received several positive customer comments about the automation.

“Any benchmark we created would have been easily surpassed. With the partnership of NICE inContact and SmartAction, we feel confident to say we are in good hands,” said Mike Gamez, GMS Member Solutions Manager at TechStyle.

Paul Jarman

“The CXone customer experience platform enables contact centres to customise robust solutions and continually adapt to changing requirements and customer expectations,” said Paul Jarman, CEO of NICE inContact.

“We’re pleased to share the cost reduction and customer experience improvement results TechStyle Fashion Group achieved with the CXone AI Self-Service Solution in partnership with SmartAction.”

SmartAction’s Omni-bot is a conversational AI system that combines voice and digital functionality to automate complex, repetitive inquiries that agents are handling today.

Once configured in voice, all solutions scale to digital channels like webchat, SMS text, Facebook Messenger, and Skype.

Omni-bot uses AI and 100% natural language capabilities to offer a better self-service experience for end users.

To meet the needs of organisations of all sizes, CXone combines Omnichannel Routing, Analytics, Workforce Optimisation, Automation and Artificial Intelligence – all on an Open Cloud Foundation.

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Published On: 17th Aug 2018 - Last modified: 21st Aug 2018
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