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WebRTC application development is challenging!

It involves interactions between multiple people, not just a person and a machine.

When testing such applications, how do you handle scenarios requiring multiple users connected through multiple devices over different networks and locations?

If you conduct these tests manually, you won’t be able

to scale your testing or validation, which could end up with your application breaking for your users in production.

To automate testing, it would mean building a WebRTC focused test automation infrastructure, adding the analytics required, and keeping it updated with the standards and any application changes you make.

testingRTC assists you with validating your application by introducing WebRTC focused test automation, coupled with powerful analysis and drill down tools, it makes the perfect companion for your developers and testers in their daily work.

You can plan and write test scripts that will automate and simulate users in front of your service, configure network conditions dynamically, and set path and fail criteria.

You can run these tests on demand or via an API call, scaling these tests from a single browser to thousands of browsers to assist in sizing and stressing group calls and deployments.

This makes testingRTC the ideal tool for issue reproduction and optimization.

Published On: 29th Sep 2022
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