Twilio and Frame AI Announce Partnership

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Twilio and Frame AI have announced a partnership to leverage AI to enhance customer engagement delivered within Twilio Flex.

With the help of Frame AI’s platform, Twilio Flex (the cloud-based digital engagement solution for personalized interactions across contact centres, sales, and in-app concierge) will be able to provide decision makers with key insights and recommendations to optimize their contact centre operations and, in turn, improve customer experiences.

This key partnership news follows the recent announcement of Twilio CustomerAI. With the power of CustomerAI, which couples large language models (LLMs) and rich customer data, infused with Twilio Flex, businesses can better understand and provide deeper value to their customers with insights, recommendations and context shared throughout the platform.

By teaming up, Twilio and Frame AI will strengthen how AI powered insights can transform the contact centre experience.

Frame AI will enable Flex customers to utilize Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to analyze customer intent and case severity to build and monitor reports and make critical decisions.

The platform will also be able to apply generative AI to summarize cases and share recommendations. For example, a company will be able to train a model to define, identify and categorize customer intents they are interested in monitoring.

Once the AI model is deployed, businesses will have access to reports within Flex to monitor top intents, topics, overall costs and recommendations on how to improve by reassigning agents or updating representative trainings.

Once launched, this feature will enable contact centre executives to understand and act on the critical feedback and business intelligence that occurs within contact centres.

The solution utilizes AI to uncover and summarize emerging themes that predict key metrics, allowing CX leaders to better allocate resourcing and product decisions that drive measurable business outcomes.

“Contact centres are the eyes and ears of an enterprise, but the data they generate is undervalued and underutilized,” said George Davis, CEO of Frame AI.

“Our integration with Twilio’s CustomerAI will allow contact centre leaders to rapidly identify opportunities to reduce costs, build more valuable customer relationships, and make their data a force multiplier for the rest of their organization.”

“The contact centre experience is one of the most important touch points for businesses. If you are not personalizing these experiences you are likely losing customers.

Over half of customers say they will become repeat customers after a personalized experience, a 7% increase year over year, according to Twilio’s recent State of Personalization Report,” said Meera Vaidyanathan, VP of Product, Twilio Flex.

“Customers’ expectations are skyrocketing while businesses are needing to cut costs. Decision makers across industries are looking for ways to do more with less.

Flex and Frame AI can enable contact centre managers to drive down costs for operation while also improving the end-to-end experience for consumers. This is our vision for CustomerAI, to transform businesses’ customer relationships and unlock their full potential.”

Twilio and Frame AI are committed to building AI safely and responsibly. Twilio builds privacy and security by design into its product development lifecycle and will ensure companies have full transparency and control of the data that informs AI-powered interactions with their customers.

Close ties and a strong mission alignment have existed between Twilio and Frame AI since 2022, when Twilio Ventures invested in Frame AI’s Series A extension round. Twilio Ventures is a $50M fund investing in companies building tomorrow’s solutions for developers and customer engagement applications.

Author: Robyn Coppell

Published On: 28th Jun 2023
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