Uniphore and Altruist Join Forces to Revolutionize CX

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Uniphore has announced a strategic partnership with Altruist Technologies Pvt Ltd., a prominent end-to-end solution provider in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Customer Management Outsourcing (CMO), and IT services.

This collaboration aims to redefine Altruist Technologies’ customer experiences across various industries by leveraging Uniphore’s advanced U portfolio of contact centre AI solutions.

Altruist, a prominent end-to-end solution provider, is set to leverage Uniphore’s advanced U portfolio, offering a comprehensive packaged solution for BPO management with AI as an innovative solution.

This strategic partnership will play a crucial role in optimizing processes, enabling new capabilities, and delivering increased value to Altruist’s clients.

Ravi Saraogi, Uniphore’s Co-founder & President of Asia, said, “Partnering with Altruist Technologies is a significant step towards creating effortless, data-driven customer experiences.

Uniphore’s U portfolio which seamlessly integrates Emotion AI, Generative AI, Knowledge AI, and workflow automation, stands as a testament to our dedication to empowering enterprises.

We are confident that the fusion of Uniphore’s innovative U product portfolio powered by its X Platform along with Altruist’s extensive experience in BPO, CMO, and IT services will catalyze a profound digital transformation.

Together, we can deliver a superior and unparalleled experience that redefines industry standards for customer, agent and employee experiences.”

Makesh Sankaran, CEO of Altruist Technologies, highlighted the strategic move towards Digital Transformation. “There is a huge need to understand customer intent and expectations along with an increasing need for better customer experiences and accurate resolutions.

Our decision to partner with Uniphore was a strategic choice as Uniphore neatly bridges that requirement for us and for our clientele.

As we have a large established presence in the Contact Centre space in India and an aggressive plan for global expansion, AI solutions have become the focus organization wide, and we look to Uniphore to bring us to the forefront as prime providers of these products.”

Looking ahead, Mr. Sankaran said, “We envisage great synergy between Altruist and Uniphore with the end objective of optimum client satisfaction in the solutions rolled out.”

The U product portfolio by Uniphore, focused on contact centre solutions, will empower Altruist to provide clients with advanced capabilities in analytics, automated responses, and the optimization of AI solutions within Customer Management and IT services.

Uniphore’s U portfolio helps enterprises optimize their customer—and agent—experience, solve their biggest customer service challenges and unearth valuable opportunities to drive customer engagement, loyalty and revenue generation.

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Published On: 14th Dec 2023
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