What Is Quality of Experience (QoE)?

Five Star Rating Quality of Experience
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Quality of Experience (often shortened to QoE or QoX) refers to the overall customer satisfaction with a company or service. QoE is similar to Quality of Service (QoS).

Quality of Service is more about doing the basics well, whereas Quality of Experience is more about leaving the customer with a positive impression of your business.

According to Spearline:

“QoS (Quality of Service) and QoE (Quality of Experience) are ongoing challenges.

“Additionally, the rapid growth of cloud services puts key systems, key data, and key communications infrastructure into hosting situations where capacity management, incident management, and change activity may trigger the dynamic movement of systems in ways that significantly alter demand patterns, destabilize networks, and impact the quality for real-time applications such as voice.

“Managing customer experience in an ever-changing network environment requires a watchful eye, attention to detail, and supporting toolsets.”

Author: Robyn Coppell

Published On: 15th Jul 2022
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