ZOOM Deploy Their First Cloud Platform Product

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ZOOM are deploying their first built native cloud platform product Elevēo WFM shortly.

These are exciting times for ZOOM. A tremendous amount of research, design, development and testing have been invested in a native cloud platform built to support all our products moving forward to maximize hosting flexibility for our customers.

Building a new platform for a suite of products is no small feat and we learned a great deal, but the juice is worth the squeeze as we realize the first fully working native cloud product housed within the new stack. We set lofty goals, but reached so far with dev ops scripted deployments, containerization, orchestration, API based microservices and a fully functional WFM application.

The new product is the first to use our new user management patterns and interface, the first fully containerized product built from the ground up by ZOOM and too many other firsts to list. It is the culmination of a mountain of work that sets us up for the future.

Yes there is more work to do for auto scaling, improved enterprise HA and API gateway enhancements but our designs & blood sweat and tears are realized with the first of many products that will utilize the Elevēo platform moving forward.

The WFM product will first be listed as a PPU option in AWS, but is truly hosting environment agnostic and will be available for on premise, hybrid or any other cloud environment after the initial launch and first few incremental releases have been deployed.

The product itself is simple, effective and beautiful, but as the driver for our platform, the proofing of our bridge to native cloud is what truly excites me as it is the foundation for so many features and offerings to come.

Yes there will still be challenges, yes it will continue to be hard, but for now we take a moment to celebrate a critical milestone and the persistence, effort and tenacity we needed to get here.

To learn more about ZOOM, visit: www.zoomint.com

Published On: 19th Sep 2019 - Last modified: 8th Oct 2019
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