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ZOOM recently launched their first native cloud product, Elevēo WFM, a new native cloud-based Elevēo platform.

As is the practice at many software companies, Zoom went through a retrospective immediately following the product’s launch.

During this phase, they considered what went well, what did not, and how to address those areas with room for improvement in the next cycles.

It takes quite a few skilled people to build a new platform. Zoom needed talent that did not exist in the organization, which meant new job titles, descriptions, salaries and recruiting.

They hired people with automation experience, experience with containers, anything cloud, those with experience scripting infrastructure, quality assurance, and those familiar with processes like DevOps, agile and cloud operations.

Also, Zoom shared knowledge about microservices, APIs and Kubernetes in house, looking for resources with experience or curiosity who could help the company reach their goals.

Today, they have specialized delivery teams dedicated with infrastructure, DevOps, UX, platform development and other disciplines.

Even though you hire those with experience, most resources have never built an entirely new platform from the ground up, so there has been and continues to be a great deal of learning for Zoom.

Fortunately the company’s development allows for re-prioritization, trying, failing and trying again while still keeping things moving forward.

Zoom has learned so many things:

  • Culture is critical
  • Maintain momentum and an environment where learnings are shared.
  • Communication and prioritization must be clear at all times (especially with remote teams)
  • Hire as many people who are known to your teams as possible. (Most of our best hires are referrals from other employees)
  • Make quick decisions when culture or skill is not a fit as that is best for all parties.
  • For specialty skills, get the best people you can. Some more experienced resources are expensive but worth it when you surround them with less experienced but energetic and bold people ready to make an impact.
  • Most of all, be flexible, but also push hard to finish and then celebrate wins together. You will hit roadblocks, so encourage the team to find creative solutions and then celebrate how they conquer those mountains.

To learn more about Zoom’s Elevēo platform, visit: www.eleveo.com

Author: Robyn Coppell

Published On: 28th Nov 2019 - Last modified: 13th Dec 2019
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