15 Quick Ways to Make Your Contact Centre Greener


Being green is something all contact centres should strive for, as reducing your business waste can not only help the planet but also save you money!

Here are 15 simple ways to make your contact centre greener.

  1. Provide recycling bins more than standard rubbish bins.
  2. Use scrap paper for making notes on and printing out unimportant internal documents.
  3. Provide employees with a personal whiteboard for notes (this can also help to make your contact centre PCI compliant).
  4. Include a “Do you need to print this?” message in your email footers.
  5. Make use of cloud storage or secure servers rather than putting documents in filing cabinets.
  6. Get a dishwasher and invest in permanent plates, cutlery and utensils.
  7. Use cloth towels instead of paper towels for general cleaning.
  8. Offer any green-fingered employees leftover tea bags and coffee granules for compost.
  9. Stop providing bottled water in vending machines and add water coolers instead.
  10. Buy larger amounts of coffee/tea bags/sugar to cut down the waste from packaging.
  11. Set printers as black ink only, to save on using multiple ink cartridges.
  12. Use cloth rollers or hand dryers in your bathrooms to cut down on paper towels.
  13. Use paper clips instead of staplers.
  14. Shop locally to save the fossil fuels that would have been used during delivery.
  15. Send updates via text message, rather than print out and post letters.

With thanks to Laurence Kellett (www.direct365.co.uk), David and Emma.

What do you do to make your contact centre green?

Please share your tips in an email to Call Centre Helper

Author: Megan Jones

Published On: 1st Mar 2022 - Last modified: 14th Mar 2022
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  • A number of our employees question #15 because most of our announcements are done through email, Facebook and text messages (not everyone has frequent access to these). We tell them to be aware of these channels because we are trying to reduce paper trail.

    Dan 11 Dec at 04:27
  • Hand dryers are a great way, and save money too. Good article.

    lee 10 Aug at 14:23