The Top 25 Words to Use on Your CV

Struggling to find the words to describe yourself and enhance your resume? Then try out our CV buzzwords, key adjectives and examples, which will boost your chances of getting your dream job.

We also have a guide to writing a successful cv

Positive words to describe yourself:

  • Able

I am able to handle multiple tasks on a daily basis.

  • Creative

I use a creative approach to problem solve.

  • Dependable

I am a dependable person who is great at time management.

  • Energetic

I am always energetic and eager to learn new skills.

  • Experience

I have experience working as part of a team and individually.

  • Flexible

I am flexible in my working hours being able to work evenings and weekends.

  • Hardworking

I am hardworking and always the last to leave the office in the evening.

  • Honest

I am honest and trustworthy when I am counting money after our church bake-sales.

  • Imaginative

I work with the team to provide imaginative solutions for our customers.

  • Innovative

I am always coming up with new innovative ideas.

  • Motivated

I am motivated to go to the gym before work to get fit and healthy.

  • Organised

I have organised the staff functions for the last four years with great success.

  • Reliable

Co-workers rely on me to be on time.

  • Sense of humour

Even though I take my work seriously I do have a good sense of humour.

Positive words to describe your achievements:

  • Achieved

Katie achieved a pass grade for her Level 2 Exercise to Music Instructor course.

  • Competed

Amy competes at National competitions in cheerleading

  • Delivered

Matthew delivers all projects on time to his clients.

  • Directed

Aaron has directed theatre plays for his local Young Farmers Club which have won awards at a national level.

  • Helped

Fiona helps out at her local old people’s home on the weekends.

  • Identified

Tom identified a need for a new system at work and with managements backing it has been implemented.

  • Managed

Lucy has managed the team through several large projects.

  • On time

John is always on-time for football practice.

  • Participated

Alice participated in her local Race for Life 10k charity run.

  • Savings

Drew is always making cost savings on projects by using local manufacturers.

  • Supervised

Vicky supervised swimming gala’s at her local pool.

  • Under budget

Ali helped win the contract by providing a quotation for the work that was under-budget.

  • Won

Sam won gold in her first cross-fit competition.

Example Personal statement: 

Rebecca is a talented, ambitious and hardworking individual with broad skills and experience in digital and printed marketing, social media and leading projects. Handling multiple tasks on a daily basis competently, working well under the pressure. One of her key strengths is communication; building strong relationships with people in order to deliver the best results.

Rebecca completed her Open degree including Business and Design modules at the Open University and is fully employed at Clearly Presented as a Digital Media Manager.

Do you have any other examples of positive words that you have used to good effect?  Please drop them in the box below.

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We also have a guide to writing a successful cv

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Published On: 14th Apr 2010 - Last modified: 22nd Mar 2017
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  1. These phrases are positive and dynamic .

    Jeffrey Bradshaw 15 Apr at 11:43 am
  2. I’m re-writing my CV at the moment and find this really useful.

    Ricky Zielinski 16 Apr at 9:10 am
  3. I’m currently re-writing my CV. Trying to find words to describe my transferable skills, i’ve used ”HIGHLY motivated and EXTREMELY punctual” but struggling to find more.

    Nick Doonan 17 Jul at 9:49 am
  4. Dear Sirs:

    This is a wonderful an important material to increase the knowledge in these kind of topics.

    I apprecite your special help.

    Myriam 6 Sep at 2:12 pm
  5. Thank you for posting this wonderful tool. I have included many of these words in my resumes and applications, and i think that they put me over the other applicants with the same qualifications.
    Well done,

    KC 12 Nov at 11:35 pm
  6. Amazing I’m using this for my interview. Aamazing

    Henna 11 Jun at 5:06 pm
  7. what a load of rubbish. why cant you just be yourself why do we all have to conform to the same surely its all about what you have to say soon we be like a communist state…….

    Anonymous 26 Jun at 4:31 am
  8. Brilliant help. Thank you. I knew that my daughter was good at and what her personal traits are but I just couldn’t think of the right words. Well done!

    kimfoulstone 14 Sep at 6:53 pm
  9. i am always trustworthy

    roberthilton 16 Sep at 5:54 pm
  10. This is very good

    Thank you

    Anonymous 18 Sep at 2:59 pm
  11. You should also do negative words so that we can understand what not to use in our CV

    Anonymous 18 Sep at 3:00 pm
  12. Used correctly and appropriately, the above words can work wonders.

    However, there is a risk that they are over-used or (worse) used as ‘filler’, where the CV ends up being a mish-mash of buzz-words.

    Use these key ‘postivifiers’ succinctly rather than sporadically thrown in, and you will see far more companies return to you offering an interview.

    Sean McIver 19 Sep at 2:15 pm
  13. You are a life saver!

    JD 5 Apr at 10:53 pm
  14. awarded is a good word to use

    ang 17 Oct at 9:55 am
  15. Yeahhhh, conform to not being conformist.
    Cv are hard as employers usually only look at the cv for about 4/6 seconds.
    Getting a job now is more about who you know, rather than what you know.. Etc.. If your face fits and are incapable of the job then you are fine.
    Keeping at it people 🙂
    Something always comes along.

    bob 14 Mar at 2:24 pm
  16. This is amazing, I used this via email and it worked wonders. Thank you.

    kei quintana 16 Mar at 9:36 am
  17. DO NOT use any of these words.

    DO NOT say ‘I am creative/energetic/hardworking/dependable’. What have you done that shows you are creative, energetic hardworking/dependable?, use your achievements to highlight your skills and let the employer judge for themselves!

    These so called ‘buzz-words’ are found on every cv, use creative ways of writing to give the same impression…


    anon 4 Jul at 1:54 am
  18. Having read all the praise and criticism I can say that you’re all right and also wrong. In fact its both…

    Yes, use these words to ensure you have said what needs to be said however, that alone will not win you an interview. To say ‘don’t use these words’ is also pretty stupid as you’ll end up with the CV that doesn’t say ‘honest’ etc so, at least bring yourself in line with everyone else at that stage!

    To win an interview you need to write basic information SUPPORTED with substantial evidence of competence. For example, a sales person stating only their title, dates and role responsibilities is nearly a total waste of time. Instead, support this with achievements: Target of X, won Y. Won X client, grew Y account by £20k, increased GP by 47%, etc

    Think about the key skills required to do the job well and focus on providing evidence that you can do them. e.g. Communication, Negotiation, Closing, etc – then add an example/result of having done it. Simple.

    If you’re in a job where success is harder to quantify than a sales role think about how your manager measures your performance. If he/she targets you on cost savings, lead times, quality, complaints, etc then that dictates your achievements. Remember that if you’re going for a job in the same sector with similar managers, speak their language to impress them.

    Also, think about the changes you have introduced that have had a positive impact on your employer’s business. Each one is an achievement, even if its not work related! (e.g. started social events, charity runs, etc)

    In short, its WHAT YOU DID, not just a regurgitated job description and dates.

    Good Luck.

    Kieran, ASG.

    Kieran Delaney 5 Jul at 2:33 pm
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