2020 Remote Working Summit

COVID-19 changed the face of our contact centre organizations, with most companies moving all (or nearly all) of their staff home to work. And for most, the deployments went exceedingly well. So what is next? Larger populations (or all) at home? Slow return to office? What needs to be considered?

Value Propositions for this Live Virtual Summit:

  • 20+ speakers share their experiences, key learnings, challenges, surprises, next steps
  • Understand what others are planning in terms of slow return to office, mix, timings
  • Get clarity on where the pain points are, modifications to close those gaps
  • Identify the successes, big wins, and how to gain the same benefits
  • HR considerations and changes to guidelines, policies
  • How to deploy fully virtual new hire learning
  • Employee flexibility, exceptions, adjustments during these difficult times
  • Team-building activities that work, driving engagement and flexibility
  • 40-point 2020 Remote Working Benchmarking Survey – participate and take it away post event

Published On: 18th May 2020 - Last modified: 19th Jun 2020
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