3 Lesser-Known Uses of Scripting

These lesser-known uses of scripting may just challenge everything you thought you knew about scripting tools and customer service.

1. De-skill first-line support and reduce the risk of human error

A scripting tool can help an organisation de-skill its first-line support (for their IT service desk, for example), making it more into a contact centre operation than a complex IT operation.

By systematically asking callers a series of questions such as “Is your Caps Lock key on?”, frontline analysts can be confident that any escalation (and cost of sending an engineer out) is based on real need – and not because they forgot to ask a simple question earlier on.

If properly configured, this tick-box approach should also be able to identify if something is broken beyond repair – creating an immediate opportunity for an agent to up-sell.

2. Stock responses to customer objections can maximise sales success

Objections are often put forward by potential customers during a sales call, leaving agents to think on their feet (or call on their own tried and tested answers) to close the deal. However, this method can be inconsistent across the organisation, and is not always as effective as it could be.

A scripting tool can save stock responses to typical customer objections, so agents can handle them confidently and consistently. This can be applied to up-selling opportunities in customer service as well as general sales calls.

3. Qualify prospects against fixed criteria

William Hare

William Hare

Scripting tools can also be used to perform over-the-phone assessments, allowing agents to take customers through an in-depth questionnaire which determines a fixed outcome. For example, whether or not they qualify for a loan.

This can help to improve First Contact Resolution (FCR) rates and deliver an improved customer experience, as well as reduce the need for assessments to be escalated to other departments or field workers.

With thanks to William Hare at QuickScripts

Published On: 27th Jul 2016 - Last modified: 6th Feb 2019
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