3 Proactive Ways to Reduce Queue Times

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There are 3 key ways to take control of your queue times and improve the customer experience, according to Netcall.

1. Offer call-backs

Many customers will gladly accept the offer of a call-back compared to the alternative of waiting in a queue. This is especially true if they are short of time and can wait several hours for the answer to their question.

It also benefits those customers who are not willing to accept a call-back. This is because the queue time will be made shorter as other customers accept the offered call-back.

2. Analyse historic periods of high demand

Depending on the industry, many organisations experience a large spike in demand after a weekend or bank holiday which pushes the contact centre beyond its normal operating levels.

Analyse these historic periods of high demand to proactively plan for the future and allow your contact centre to be appropriately staffed for peaks.

3. Time-shift demand as required

Typically, during the course of a day, the demand on a contact centre fluctuates widely, potentially causing problems of over- and under-staffing – both of which cost the organisation money.

By offering call-backs to customers during the busiest periods and then making the call-backs during times of low demand, the overall activity level of the contact centre can be kept fairly constant.

This ‘time-shift’ technique is very cost effective as customer demands are met with fewer staff than were previously required.

For more information about Netcall, visit their website.

Author: Megan Jones

Published On: 13th May 2015 - Last modified: 18th Dec 2018
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