60% of Sales Calls Poorly Researched

NewVoiceMedia has revealed that sales teams are failing to use data-driven insights and personalisation to close deals.

The research, conducted by Opinion Matters, analysed responses from 910 UK employees who take sales business calls.

Key findings show that sales teams can boost performance and increase customer and prospect satisfaction by incorporating data-driven insights, personalisation and familiarity into sales activities:

  • Five minutes of researching prospects and customers prior to engaging with them on a call can increase performance. Yet despite this huge revenue opportunity, the majority of respondents (60%) felt that more than half of sales calls they received were poorly researched.
  • Researching and understanding prospects makes a lasting impression. Following a sales interaction, 57% of respondents recall if a sales rep demonstrated an understanding of their needs and 28% recall if they portrayed evidence of prior research.
  • Not only does the content of a sales call matter, but also its timing. Researching the best time to make a call can result in more wins. While afternoon was cited as the preferred time for sales calls, agreeing to a time beforehand is key. 88% of prospects would be more open to a sales call if asked when would be most convenient for them and 86% dislike when salespeople follow up at unspecified times.
  • Businesses are struggling to use automated calling to their advantage. Findings show that prospects are not receptive to automated calls, with 77% reporting that they will hang up if they are not speaking to a human and 52% reporting they will not return automated voicemails.
  • Creating connections with prospects is key. Proven knowledge of the individual and company encourages prospects to make a purchase. Those surveyed stated they would be more likely to make a purchase if the caller took time to research the business and understand their goals (86%), identified gaps or needs within their business to support their product or service (86%), referenced projects they’re working on (64%) or researched their career history (50%).
  • One of the most important things sales people need to do is listen to customers and prospects. When it comes to committing to a sale, 68% of respondents claim that a sales rep who listens to their needs and shares relevant information can make the difference between winning or losing a deal.
  • Localisation matters, with research showing that only 39% of prospects would answer a call from a withheld number, yet two-thirds (65%) would answer a call with a local area code. This indicates that sales teams should present numbers that make sense for their targeted audience.
  • Just 41% claim they would open an email from a sender they don’t recognise.

Jonathan Gale

“We have entered a new era of sales that requires a more intelligent and genuine approach to engaging and connecting with today’s customers and prospects,” said Jonathan Gale, CEO of NewVoiceMedia. “Despite the increased access to customer data, this research highlights gaps between what sales teams are capable of doing and how they’re actually executing on these strategies. By better understanding customers and prospects and strategically using data to connect with them, sales teams will be able to bridge these gaps and positively influence the entire sales journey.”

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Published On: 8th Apr 2015 - Last modified: 22nd Mar 2017
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