8×8 Releases a New Suite of Products Cloud Contact Centres

The release of the 8×8 Virtual Office Editions, a new suite of products for a cloud contact centre, is here.

This suite of products aims to revolutionise the business communications industry by unifying cloud communications, collaboration, online meetings, and contact centre solutions with a best-in-breed data analytics platform.

8×8 believe there are fundamental truths that the industry is failing to address. Siloed communications systems as point solutions that include telephony alone, separate conferencing solutions, one-off messaging solutions, and purpose-built contact centres are critically slowing down an organisation’s ability to make decisions and resolve customer issues.

By utilising only isolated functions and segregating valuable business data from key decision makers, these silos divide organisations, departments and employees and drive away customers.

Owning all of their own technology, 8×8 is aiming to change the way companies communicate both internally and externally. It achieves this by unifying disparate systems on a single cloud communications platform, ensuring companies can easily communicate, collaborate and engage with employees and customers.

Plus, through a data analytics platform, companies can now finally extract the valuable insights from every interaction in real time to reduce time to decision and accelerate time to revenue.

With the launch of the new 8×8 Virtual Office X8 edition, the present meets the future for truly unified cloud communications.

The X8 edition is the industry’s most unified offering, weaving together communications, collaboration and contact centre all into one solution. This means no more communication silos between sales, marketing, support, finance, IT/help desk, and other departments, enabling companies to connect everyone throughout the organisation.

So, employees and customers can seamlessly communicate, problem solve and make decisions faster and better than ever before.

To find out more about 8×8 solutions, visit www.8×8.com

Published On: 31st Oct 2017 - Last modified: 5th Mar 2020
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