What to Add to Your Quality Assurance Program

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You’ve decided to invest in a quality assurance (QA) program. This is fantastic news! By implementing a quality assurance program, you’re demonstrating care and concern for your customers’ satisfaction.

A quality assurance program is not only a great way to establish trust and confidence with customers, it’s also a fantastic training tool for agents. But not all quality assurance programs are equal. There are many facets of these programs that need focus.

You must make sure that you are maximizing your quality assurance program so you can best serve your customers.

Wondering how to maximize the benefits of your quality assurance program? We’ve outlined how you might set up a Quality Assurance Program to make it a breeze.

What Is a Quality Assurance Program and Why Does It Matter?

A QA program is an efficient way to measure the quality of your services and products. It does this by monitoring customer feedback, agent interactions, and training. A quality assurance program should include three main goals: improving call centre quality, customer insights, and learning and development.

  • Quality.

Monitoring the quality of your services starts with agents. One way to make sure your agents are performing to the best of their ability is through scorecards. Agent scorecards help track interactions and identify issues and patterns quickly.

  • Customer Insights.

90% of customers want businesses to provide a way to gather their feedback. By evaluating customer satisfaction, a quality assurance program provides insights into how to improve services.

  • Learning and Development.

A good quality assurance program sets companies up for long-term success. This is done through learning and development tools that keep agents and managers proactive.

So why does it matter? A quality assurance program matters because the customer experience matters, especially in terms of profitability and loyalty.

In fact, 86% of customers will pay more for a product if it comes with enhanced customer service. This is huge. A streamlined quality assurance program reviews raw data and helps improve standards and upgrade existing processes.

What Are the Benefits of a Quality Assurance Program?

The benefits of a quality assurance program are vast. But one of the most valuable is the ability to use data and feedback to improve processes. Knowledge is power, particularly when it comes to attracting and retaining customers. Other benefits include:

  • A demonstrated commitment to customer service. Customers want their feedback to be taken seriously. Using a quality assurance program proves to customers that you care about their opinions.
  • Managers can measure what is important to the business. Quality assurance puts the power of data in your hands. Managers can measure business goals against feedback and data, helping create timelines for success.
  • Immediate feedback on agent performance boosts morale. Quality assurance not only improves the customer experience. It also improves employee experience. Taking strategic steps to improve communication reduces confusion and empowers employees to do their best. When agents know what they are doing well, it motivates them to keep learning and improving.
  • Ensures regulatory compliance. The data gathered from a quality assurance program positions companies for regulatory compliance success. The quicker managers can analyze and understand compliance issues, the quicker they can be resolved.

How Can You Improve Your Quality Assurance Program?

There are several ways that quality assurance managers can optimize their programs for long-term success:

  • Gamification. Gamification can be easily used as positive reinforcement. Tactics like rewards, points, and leaderboards are all effective ways to recognize great agent behavior. It can also improve morale, encourage friendly competition, and encourage agents to take charge of their own process improvement.
  • Prioritize Agent Feedback. You already give feedback to agents. Flip it around and ask for their perspectives. Agents are the gateway to improving customer satisfaction levels.
  • Invest in the right tools. Quality assurance tools, like QA scorecards, supply structure, accountability, and an efficient workflow that can be customized for your business.
  • Best Practices. Managers can use these ideas to shine the spotlight on best practices. Use real conversations to show agents what success looks like.

Final Thoughts

A quality assurance program is a great way to establish customer trust, monitor and improve services, and keep processes evolving. Understanding how to maximize your quality assurance program will ensure your business continues to serve customers to the best of its capability.

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