Are You Battling the Trolls of Customer Experience?

Lisa Abbott takes us through how different moods in your organisation can impact the customer experience, using trolls!

Trolls are often depicted as happy, magical little creatures. In the DreamWorks Animation film Trolls, they stay happy by creating positive experiences as part of their everyday lives.

You’ll find trolls in every business. Some are happy, some are not! How many types of troll do you recognise from our list below, and what can you learn from them about customer experience?


Joy is so attuned to the needs of customers that she automates every possible repetitive task. This frees up Joy to have more relationship-building, one-on-one connections with customers. Joy’s customers feel the love because they’re getting a consistent and seamless CX.


Delight constantly analyses what customers really want and looks for ways to deliver on that. He appreciates customers, understands their journeys, and knows how to directly impact those journeys. Delight’s reward is a deep sense of satisfaction that comes from exceeding expectations.


Effortless knows that it’s not that difficult to please customers, but without doing so, the community risks losing what attracts customers in the first place. If you ask Effortless what matters most to the business, his answer is always the same: Make your customer’s experience easy for them.


Happy sees happiness as a state of mind that develops from a positive, hopeful outlook. Whether you have a staff of five trolls, or 5,000, or more – happy employees are engaged employees. It’s because they have opportunities for training, advancement, and assignments that make good use of their skills. Fully utilise Happy’s knowledge, and every aspect of customer experience improves.


Annoyed feels overlooked and questions her loyalty to you. Repeating the same information again and again will do that to a troll. When you link interactions for a 360-view of each customer’s journey, you’re in a much better position to offer optimal CX. Otherwise, you’re wasting time and annoying customers.


Grumpy thinks that all that “happiness” work to improve customer experience is a waste of time. It’s not. Putting the focus on making your customers happy as opposed to focusing only on productivity means you’re on track with industry trends. You’re also ready to drive more revenue.


Irate is an unhappy troll who’s about to eat you alive for poor customer experience. Can you blame him? He gets good customer experience from his interactions with more innovative companies – maybe even your competitors. With that raised bar, he won’t settle for less. It’s your job to keep CX positive – or risk being eaten alive across social media.

Customer Experience and Troll Takeaways

Trolls work hard at building and improving their happy community. It’s one of their core values. In our industry, or community, engaged employees attract engaged customers, and happy customers come back again and again.

Take a look at the trolls in your organisation: Which ones are supporting your goals, and which ones are getting in your way? Put great customer experience at the top of your priorities and see what kind of magic you can create.

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Published On: 20th Mar 2017 - Last modified: 17th May 2017
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