Boost Engagement and Wellbeing Whilst Improving Productivity

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Dave Preece explains how you can achieve pain-free agent engagement without compromising on productivity.

A happy workforce forms the foundations of a successful contact centre.

Happy agents achieve better results, delivering friendly, energetic interactions that are essential to excellent customer experience (CX).

These agents also tend to stay in their jobs longer and progress further – which fosters lower levels of attrition.

I’m here to answer your questions on intraday automation and how it can benefit you and your contact centre.

Pain-Free Agent Engagement

Now in this edition I’m going to be talking about pain-free agent engagement. Happy agents are productive agents, right? But it’s so hard to create happy agents in a productive environment.

Still many companies are finding it difficult to attract and retain the very best staff, while still trying to remain productive.

And that’s largely because when it comes down to it, the options that they feel they can make available to their workforce are limited because of the huge overhead of manual work that they bring.

Every business I’ve spoken to says that if they could offer more flexibility, without the associated additional work, they would happily do so.

Intraday Automation

According to our customers, intraday automation has been a real game-changer in this regard. So let me show you some of the ways that we can improve agent engagement.

Here’s the smartphone app for agents. It’s free to download, and can be used securely by agents at QStory customer businesses. It allows agents to view their schedules, and using this double-arrow icon here, to access the self-service portal.

This really is beloved by all QStory customers, because it gives agents access to functions like moving, swapping, splitting and matching breaks, and moving and swapping entire shifts.

Your business sets the parameters to allow such moves and swaps, and the agent is presented with the options that meet all of those parameters.

An agent can then request a change to their schedule, and QStory will automatically process the request, and make all of the necessary communications and schedule updates. No manual work is required.

Agents can also have annual leave requests automatically approved in seconds, view their performance against their KPIs, complete surveys and temperature checks, report system issues, or even schedule an instant break after a difficult call.

All of these features allow agents to take more control over their working day, something which fosters increased engagement, and positively impacts agents attrition

Agent Engagement

And because all of this is at their fingertips, without the need for complex labor-intensive manual work to administer them, this agent engagement comes at no cost to your productivity. Agent engagement the easy way – that’s intraday automation.

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QStory QStory are the pioneers of Intraday Automation (IDA). Their mission is to create a better everyday life for customer service professionals by helping them to work in a happier, more engaging and productive environment.

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Published On: 19th Feb 2024
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