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NICE has announced that Skipton Building Society has selected its cloud-based workforce management (WFM) and employee engagement manager (EEM) offerings as a bundled solution for its contact centres.

As part of an ongoing effort to adopt the most advanced technologies, the UK-based building society chose NICE to provide its workforce with flexible scheduling capabilities and thereby improve employee satisfaction while boosting efficiencies through AI-driven forecasting and ensuring rapid ROI.

The combined solution of NICE WFM and EEM in the cloud was seen by Skipton Building Society as complementing its long-term business strategy as well as its policy of employee centricity at the forefront.

Skipton also saw the immense benefit of migrating to the cloud. This includes lifting the burden of local maintenance and upgrades, as well as increased flexibility for integration with other in-house and third-party systems, in addition to cost savings.

As a result, Skipton is able to always have the most current version of the NICE solution and quickly deploy its latest features across the contact centre.

In addition to achieving operational efficiencies and cost savings, NICE WFM and EEM were adopted in order to improve employee satisfaction at Skipton Building Society.

Agents have remote access to their work schedules and are empowered to independently make intraday or short-term shift changes, which increases engagement and improves overall adherence.

While providing agents with greater control over their schedules, EEM only allows shift changes that NICE’s AI-driven WFM identifies as beneficial to staffing and occupancy levels.

NICE EEM also utilizes Intelligent Intraday Automation technology to identify projected staffing variances and resolve them in advance in a manner that eliminates or significantly reduces manual and semi-manual WFM schedule-change processing and communication.

Benedicte Frew, Head of Distribution and Planning for Skipton Building Society, said, “When we decided to upgrade our WFM, it was natural for us to look to NICE to expand the existing positive relationship we had developed.”

“In addition, we recognized that NICE is the leading vendor in the WFM market, with rich expertise in implementing its cloud-based solutions for a wide variety of enterprises, which is what inspired our confidence.”

“Coupled with NICE EEM’s innovative scheduling capabilities, it was an easy decision for us to choose NICE. Now, with the most advanced solution available for managing our workforce, we enjoy a competitive advantage that complements our overall business model.”

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John O’Hara, President, NICE EMEA, said, “With the decision to migrate to the NICE WFM cloud and deploy EEM, Skipton Building Society and NICE have strengthened an existing fruitful relationship.”

“The process was easy and transparent, bringing flexibility, savings and smarter decision-making to the building society’s workforce management with embedded AI and cloud-based technology.”

“We are very pleased that Skipton Building Society has joined thousands of leading contact centres around the world in using the NICE suite of intelligent solutions to help optimize its operations and revolutionize employee engagement.”

Skipton Building Society is a large mutual lending and savings organization in the United Kingdom, with 100 branches and over one million members. It chose to upgrade an on-premises NICE WFM solution to a cloud edition, which it rolled out to 450 contact centre agents.

NICE EEM has been added as a key component of the new comprehensive solution, integrating intelligent automation for intraday management with WFM’s AI-driven planning, hiring, forecasting and scheduling.

Author: Robyn Coppell

Published On: 25th Feb 2021 - Last modified: 2nd Mar 2021
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