Call Evaluation Criteria

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Call Evaluation Criteria

Hello there,

Can someone advice me on what kind of evaluation criteria you have.

I mean how do you evaluate your Call Center agents?

Can you please the criteria list during the calls analysis.


Question asked by ccvusal


That’s a very open ended question.. And really depends on the type of work that you do.

There are the standard measurements like: Call Opening, Rapport Built, Information Supplied, Listening, Identifying Needs, Clarification and Summary, Call Close. Usually measuring them by Meets Standard, Does Not Meet etc.

This can be different for each client and depends on what the values are in that contract and what the expectations are of how a call is handled.

Whatever you do try to ensure that the form of evaluation is not subjective as this will only anger the advisor if they feel they have been unfairly evaluated. Try to structure it in a series of Yes/No questions, so the advisor either did or did not do what was required of them.

You can then score these, depending on level of importance. 5 points for Yes, 0 or -5 for no etc, which will then give an overall %age of possible points score.

The form will undoubtedly change as you realise some questions don’t seem relevant and other areas should be measured. Once you have created the initial draft do a bench marking exercise with a few employees to check everyone is scoring the same, you don’t want one team scoring low every week due to an extremely strict Team Leader and vice versa. Have guidelines on (and this is where the Yes and No works better than a Meets or Not Meets)

Hope this is a starting point for you.

With thanks to M

Call Evaluation Form

We published a call evaluation form a while ago. This has a built in Excel spreadsheet.

Free Call Monitoring, Evaluation and Coaching Form

There was some feedback though that you should not use a percentage score, but to just highlight areas that were not being addressed.

Is this what you were looking for?

With thanks to Jonty

Author: Jonty Pearce

Published On: 12th Apr 2022 - Last modified: 6th May 2022
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