Case Study: Lifeplus Boosts CSAT to 94.8%

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Lifeplus has transformed its contact centre strategy, achieving an impressive 94.8% CSAT score through the utilisation of Puzzel’s Customer Engagement Platform.


  • 4 years with Puzzel
  • 200 contact centre agents
  • 4.9 Trustpilot rating
  • 94.8% CSAT


Established over 30 years ago, Lifeplus is on a mission to be the world leader in holistic well-being by helping millions of people unlock the wellness within them.

They manufacture and distribute high-quality nutritional supplements directly to their customers all over the world.

Back in 2019, Lifeplus found the perfect fit in Puzzel when they needed a cloud-based solution to enable their agents to work from home. Moving away from its heavy phone system with basic ACD, Lifeplus adopted an omnichannel customer service strategy.


After running a thorough market assessment, Lifeplus selected Puzzel’s cloud-native contact centre solution.

Their choice was driven not only by its user-friendly and quick setup but also by its alignment with our customer-centric culture.

Transitioning from a cumbersome phone system with basic ACD, they found great value in Puzzel’s intuitive design and the freedom it provided, enabling them to log in from anywhere.

Today, the Lifeplus team has adopted a hybrid working model. Their utilisation of Puzzel’s cloud-based contact centre technology empowers their team to operate both from their UK-based offices in Cambridgeshire, England, as well as remote locations, promoting flexibility and productivity.

Pam Bowell, Director Customer Care – Transformation, affirms, “The value was evident from day one. Without the Puzzel platform, working from home wouldn’t be possible.”

The implementation of a universal queue has revolutionised their workflow, allowing colleagues to easily gauge each other’s availability for swift support, enhancing efficiency and teamwork.

This real-time access to colleague availability has significantly improved productivity while fostering a sense of unity within the team.

Pam Bowell, Director Customer Care – Transformation, explains, “I can glance at my desktop and see all my colleagues, knowing they’re available to offer quick support when needed.”

The Results

Lifeplus’ customer-centric transformation, which now includes a comprehensive suite of customer service channels and a deep commitment to empathetic, authentic interactions, has yielded remarkable results.

This approach has not only significantly boosted sales but also solidified its position as a customer-first organisation, with a CSAT score of 94.8%.

The majority of their sales now originate from their contact centre, highlighting the tangible impact of making customers feel valued and heard.

Lifeplus’ unwavering focus on building real relationships with its customers has proven to be a winning strategy, reinforcing the connection between genuine care and tangible business success.

In Their Own Words

“Contact centre technology can be confusing. Working with the right partner that helps you get the most out of that technology is the key, and that’s been our experience with Puzzel.

“Since using Puzzel, our CSAT scores have kept improving, and most of our sales come through our contact centre; need I say more? It wouldn’t be possible without the tools we have with Puzzel.” Pam Bowell, Director Customer Care – Transformation

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Published On: 22nd Apr 2024 - Last modified: 23rd Apr 2024
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